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SmartGlow Nucleic Acid Stains
by Accuris

SmartGlow Nucleic Acid Stain
Safer than ethidium bromide
SmartGlow Nucleic Acid Pre-stain and Loading Dye are safe and economical alternatives to using Ethidium Bromide in gel electrophoresis during the examination of nucleic acids. These gel imaging systems can be visualized in UV or blue light and they also provide excellent sensitivity compared to ethidium bromide. Accuris, a division of Benchmark Scientific also offers the SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator.
  • Available in PS (Pre Stain) and LD (Loading Dye)
  • Nucleic Acid stain for use with UV or blue light illumination
  • Safe alternative to ethidium bromide
  • More sensitive than ethidium bromide (0.1 ng of DNA per band detection limit)
  • Ships at ambient temperature, store at 4°C (39.2°F)
  • Emits green fluorescence for ssDNA or dsDNA and red fluorescence for RNA
  • Excitation peaks at 290 and 490 nm
  • Compatible with the SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator

Ordering Information

SmartGlow Nucleic Acid Stains--E4500-PS and E4500-LD

Accuris Part # Description Cat. # Price
E4500-PS SmartGlow Pre-stain for nucleic acid gels BR00-10 $ 55
E4500-LD SmartGlow loading dye with stain for nucleic acid gels BR00-11 $ 55
Compatible with SmartDoc Gel Imaging System and SmartBlue Blue Light Transillumination

Benefits and Protocol of SmartGlow PS and LD Nucleic Acid Stains

SmartGlow E4500-PS SmartGlow E4500-LD
SmartGlow E4500-PS SmartGlow E4500-LD
Benefits of E4500-PS Benefits of E4500-LD
  • 20,000x concentration
  • Replaces ethidium bromide (EB) in agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; can also be used with UV light visualization
  • Light emission: green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA or ssDNA; red fluorescence
  • Excitation peaks: 490nm (blue); 290nm (UV)
  • 6x concentration
  • Add directly to samples
  • Direct addition to samples eliminates chanceof contaminationing containers and gels
  • Excitation peaks: 490nm (blue); 290nm (UV)
Protocol forE4500-PS Protocol forE4500-LD
  • Use with prepared 100ml of agarose or polyacrylamide solution
  • Add 5µl of SmartGlow E4500-PS Pre-Stain to gel solution prior to pouring gels
  • For increased sensitivity and improved detection of small quantities of nucleic acid, add SmartGlow PS to running buffer at ratio of 5µl per 100 ml
  • When electrophoresis is complete, view gel using SmartBlue Blue Light Transilluminator
  • Prepare 100ml of agarose or polyacrylamide solution
  • Pour gels
  • Mix SmartGlow LD with DNA markers and samples at a 1 to 5 (dye to sample) dilution
  • After electrophoresis, view gel using SmartBlue Blue Light Transilluminator
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