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SmartDoc™ 2.0 Gel Imaging Systems
by Accuris

Captures quality digital images with any smartphones
Compact and affordable SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging Systems capture high quality images of electrophoresis gels with any smartphone camera. Units can be placed above a UV or blue light transilluminator with the smartphones above the platform to obtain high quality images in seconds. 
  • Instantly capture gel images using your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® device
  • Ideal for common safe stains (SmartGlow™, SYBR Green, GelGreen™, etc.)
  • Gel access for DNA band cutting
  • Orange filter included on all models: Optimized for smartphone imaging and blocks blue light for visualization of fluorescing samples and band cutting
  • Accommodates multiple gel sizes and thicknesses
  • Compatible with UV and blue light illuminators
  • Two filter options for most common DNA dyes
  • Model E5001-SDB with blue light illumination protects operator and DNA samples by eliminating EtBr and UV light source
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging Systems—Smartphone Compatible Lab Equipment

Accuris Part # Description Cat # Price
E5001-SD SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging Enclosure
Includes: orange photo filter for use on existing transilluminator
BR00-17 $ 335
E5001-SDB SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging System with Blue Light Illumination
Includes: gel prep/cutting platform, blue light illumination base, orange filter cover, imaging enclosure and orange photo filter
BR00-18 $ 552

Included Accessories with SmartDoc 2.0 Enclosure Model #E5001-SDB

Gel Preparation Surface/
Cutting Platform Base
Blue Light Illumination Orange Filter Cover lifts
for easy gel access
Orange Photo Filter

UV Blocking Mat and Band Pass Filters for SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging System

Accuris Part # Description Cat # Price
E5001-MAT UV Blocking Mat BR00-19 $ 34
E5001-535 535 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter, for imaging green stains on UV transilluminator BR00-20 $ 93
E5001-590 590 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter for imaging EtBr on UV trasilluminator BR00-21 $ 93

535 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter
  • Peak emission: 535 nm
  • 40 nm bandwidth
  • Compatible DNA stain Type: SmartGlow™ SYBR® Green
  • Excitation source: UV transilluminator

590 nm Narrow Band Pass Filter
  • Peak emission: 590 nm
  • 60 nm band width
  • Compatible DNA stain Type: Ethidium Bromide
  • Excitation source: Blue illumination base
Diagram shows placement of peak transmission and band width of 535 nm and 590 nm band pass filters
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Features and Benefits of SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging System for Mobile Control in the Lab

Compact Gel Imaging System for use with smartphone devices Use with blue light for optimum excitation of nucleic acids stained with safe green dyes Can  also be used with Accuris UV Transilluminator
Orange cover absorbs blue light Removable extender enables platform to be lowered for close up imaging Place smartphone on top of platform for high quality digital imaging
SmartDoc Gel 2.0 compatible with a UV or a blue light transilluminator
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SmartDoc 2.0 Helps Ensure Lab Safety with Blue Light and Non-Toxic Dyes

10 kb DNA ladder, stained with a green dye and imaged with 535nm filter

Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) a known carcinogen and mutagen has traditionally been used by laboratories in conjunction with UV light for staining DNA agarose gels. Exposure to UV light has been demonstrated to cause DNA lesions, which are associated with an increased incidence of cancer. 

The SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging System with blue light illumination (E5001-SDB) protects lab personnel by eliminating the need for EtBr and UV light. The E5001-SDB uses safe blue light and non-toxic green dyes for gel imaging purposes.
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