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myGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System
by Accuris


Compact system for quick and easy gel casting; no need for spacers or clamps

Easy power supply connection myGel
The myGel Mini by Accuris (division of Benchmark Scientific) is a complete electrophoresis system ideal for small labs and classrooms. The easy three-step Pour, Load and Run design is convenient for users of all experience levels involved in DNA quantification and isolation. Available EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets when used with the myGel Mini simplifies nucleic acid electrophoresis.
  • Includes: gel box, safety lid, power supply, two 10.5 x 6 cm and four 5 x 6 cm gel trays, casting stands for gel trays and two double sided combs for each gel size
  • Smaller tooth combs compatible with multichannel pipettes
  • Power supply connects to gel box
  • Selectable parameters: 35V, 50 V and 100
  • 0-99 minutes or continuous timer
  • Vented, clear safety lid dissipates heat generated during electrophoresis
  • Unit runs when lid is securely in place
  • Dark contrast strip on tray helps visualize wells when loading
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

myGel Mini Electrophoresis Sytem, 115V and 230V Models

Accuris Part# Product Electrical Cat. # Price
E1101 myGel Mini Electrophoresis System 115V, 50-60 Hz 2830-00 $ 437
E1101-E myGel Mini Electrophoresis System (includes transformer) 230V, 50-50Hz 2830-00-220 $ 437
Dimensions 7.5W x 5.1D x 2.1H in (190.5 x 129.54 x 53.34 mm)

115V, 50-60 Hz/230V, 50-50Hz

Output Voltage 35V, 50V or 100V
Timer 0-99 minutes or continuous
Max. Buffer Volume 230 ml
Gel Capacity One 10.5 x 6 cm or Two 5 x 6 cm
Weight 1 lb. (.45 kg)
Safety Magnetic and mechanical lid interlock

EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets
ez pack
Available in 200 and
1000 tablet packs
Accuris Part # EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets Cat. # Price
A2505 Pack of 1000 tablets (500g) 2830-01 $ 381
A2501 Pack of 200 tablets (100g) 2830-02 $ 126

  • Simplifies nucleic acid electrophoresis when used with myGel Mini
  • Suitable for various molecular biology applications
  • Contains 0.5g of high quality Agarose LE
  • Easy to use, heat and pour
  • Includes convenient chart to show the correct buffer volume and number of tablets needed for making popular gel concentration

Casting Sets and Combs    

Available in 2 capacity sizes

Accuris  Part # Product Cat. # Price
E1101-CS1 Casting Set for 10.5 x 6 cm gels; Include 2 trays and 2 combs (22*/12 teeth) 2830-03 $ 31
E1101-CS2 Casting Set for 5 x 6 cm gels; Includes 4 trays and 2 combs (18*/10 teeth) 2830-04 $ 51
E1101-COMB1 Double Sided Combs, 22* 12 teeth, for E1101-CS1 Casting Set, pk. 2 2830-05 $ 6
E1101-COMB2 Double Sided Combs, 18*/10 teeth, for E1101-CS2 Casting Set, pk. 2 2830-06 $ 6
*Compatible with Multichannel Pipettes

myGel Mini Electrophoresis System 3-Step Design

myGel instructions

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