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Wet Baths

Choose top-quality benchtop and free-standing wet baths, circulators and chillers designed by trusted manufacturers of laboratory equipment. Contact at (714) 578-6016 for a free quote and inquire about the most appropriate accessories suited for your application. 

Use our Product Selector to easily find the exact product you need.

Water Baths from Benchmark Scientific and Thermo Fisher Scientific

SB-12L Shaking Water Bath

SB-12L Shaking Water Bath

Digital 12 liter water bath includes a spring-loaded platform that accepts 15 and 50 ml tubes, bottles up to 1 liter and flasks; optional test tube racks available

myBath™ Digital Water Bath

myBath™ Digital Water Bath

myBath™ is designed as a compact, personal water bath to be used on a molecular biology lab benchtop. It features easy-to-use digital controls and a see-through hinged lid.

MaxQ™ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker

MaxQ™ 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker

Designed for precise temperature control; spacious chamber, easy access drain system, alarms, twin baffles and optional cover

Circulators by Julabo

Cryo-Compact Circulators<br>by Julabo

Cryo-Compact Circulators
by Julabo

These compact circulators can be placed almost anywhere, even in complex installations, and feature the latest-generation components for highly-reliable refrigeration and pump performance.

Recirculating Coolers<br>by Julabo

Recirculating Coolers
by Julabo

These rapid and powerful recirculating coolers are environmentally-friendly and water-conservative. Select air-cooled or water-cooled recirculating designs.

SemiChill Recirculating Coolers<br>by Julabo

SemiChill Recirculating Coolers
by Julabo

SemiChill coolers are designed for semiconductor industry applications. Configure them to your needs with modular accessories, including advanced control systems, pumps, and filters.

Refrigerated and Heating Baths and Circulators<br>by Julabo

Refrigerated and Heating Baths and Circulators
by Julabo

These units provide high heating/cooling capacities to ensure rapid heat-up and cool-down times. Control systems attain precise temps from -50°C to +200°C.

Chillers by Julabo

PRESTO® Temperature Control Systems

PRESTO® Temperature Control Systems

Efficient units provide extremely fast compensation of exothermic reactions; units include 5.7” TFT color touch screen and password management for up to 3 users

Constant-Temperature Bath Accessories<br>by Julabo

Constant-Temperature Bath Accessories
by Julabo

Accessories for Julabo constant-temperature bath products including insulated metal tubing, fittings, adapters, shut-off valves, and drain taps.

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