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RotoBot Tube Rotator 
by Benchmark Scientific

The RotoBot Tube Rotator offers 11 preprogrammed mixing modes (with adjustable speed and frequency) as well as two customizable presets that allow users to combine different motions.  This versatile mixer uses interchangeable attachments that can accommodate tubes from 1.5ml to 50ml and perform mixing, rolling, and rocking functions.
    Shown: R4045 RotoBot and R4040 RotoBot Mini
  • Functions include 360° rotation and become more complex by adding pauses, reversing direction and shaking
  • Each tube holder attachment simply slides onto the end of the railing; no disassembly required!
  • Vertical tube holders provide more vigorous, end-over-end mixing of solutions
  • Horizontal tube holders allow for gentle agitation similar to rolling
  • Optional platform rocker attachment is useful for Western blotting and hybridization (used with "PP" mode)
  • Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators
  • Each RotoBot™ comes with a starter kit of assorted tube holder attachments (see below for details)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
Scientific Part #
Description Included Attachments Cat # Price
R4040 RotoBot Mini (2) 6 x 1.5ml
(2) 1 x 15ml
(2) 1 x 50ml
BR19-71 $ 415
R4045 RotoBot (5) 6 x 1.5ml
(8) 1 x 15ml
(2) 1 x 50ml
BR19-72 $ 620

Rocking Platforms

Rocking Platform shown installed and operating in "PP" mode Attachments are quick and easy to install with Benchmark's unique rail
Scientific Part #
Compatibility Included Attachments Cat # Price
R4040-RP  For RotoBot Mini 6” x 5.5” BR19-73 $ 99
R4045-RP2 For RotoBot 6” x 10” BR19-74 $ 124

Tube Holder Ordering Information

Scientific Part #
Type Orientation Cat # Price
R4040-1520 6 x 1.5ml (Pack of 2) Vertical/Horizontal BR19-75 $ 12
R4040-150 1 x 15ml (Pack of 2) Vertical BR19-76 $ 11
R4040-500 1 x 50ml (Pack of 2) Vertical BR19-77 $ 11
R4040-HZ15 6 x 15ml Horizontal BR19-78 $ 40
R4040-HZ50 6 x 50ml Horizontal BR19-79 $ 40

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) RotoBot Tube Rotator by Benchmark Scientific
Information about features, benefits and specifications on models R4040 and R4045 . Includes list of available accessories.
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