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BenchWaver 3D Rockers
by Benchmark Scientific

3-dimensional undulating motion ideal in molecular biology applications
Ideal for molecular biology and biochemical applications, the BenchWaver 3D combines the rocking motion of a platform shaker with the circular motion of an orbital shaker. The large 13.5 x 13 inch platform is supplied with a non-slip rubber mat and optional stacking platforms and mat are available. These versatile units can be used in refrigerated or incubated environments.
  • Achieves optimum 3-D undulation motion required in molecular biology applications
  • Adjustable speed control from 5-105 rpm
  • Adjustable tilt angle control from 0 to 10° (no tools required)
  • Large, 13" platform with non-slip mat
  • LCD control panel controls parameters for tilt and speed
  • Options: Stacking Platform and Dimpled Non-Slip Mat
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Video of BenchWaver 3D Rockers Undulating Motion

Ordering Information

BenchWaver 3D Rocker with Flat Mat Platform, US and EU Plugs

Benchmark Scientific
Part #
Description Electrical Cat. # Price
B3D5000 BenchWaver 3-D Rocker with flat mat platform, US Plug    115V, 50-60Hz BR00-04 $ 976
B3D5000-E BenchWaver 3-D Rocker with flat mat platform, EU Plug 230V, 50-60Hz BR00-04-220 $ 976

Specifications for BenchWaver 3D Rockers

Product Dimensions 13.5"W x 13"D x 9.75"H (343 x 330 x 248 mm)
Platform Dimensions 13.5"W x 13"D (343 x 330 mm)
Temperature Range 2° to 60°C (35.6° to 140°F)
Electrical 115V, 50-60Hz -- 230V, 50-50Hz
Speed Variable, 5 to 105 rpm
Tilt Angle Variable, 0° to 10°
Timer 1 minute to 99 hours or continuous
Load Capacity 20 lbs. (9kg)
Weight 12 lbs. (5.5 kg)

Accessories for BenchWaver 3D Rockers

BenchWaver 3D Platform
Stackable platform increases capacity and saves space
Benchmark Scientific Part# Description Cat. # Price
B3D5000-STK Stacking platform  BR00-05 $ 96
  • Adds a second platform to the BenchWaver unit
  • Increases BenchWaver capacity
  • Saves precious laboratory space
  • Lower platform has a clearance of 4.5 inches
  • With stacking hardware
  • Note: Add "-E" at end of part number for EU plug models

BenchWaver 3D Dimpled Platform
Dimpled mat accommodates a variety of tubes
Benchmark Scientific Part# Description Cat. # Price
B3D5000-DIMP Dimpled Non-Slip Mat  BR00-06 $ 67
  • Dimpled, non-slip rubber mat for BenchWaver
  • Accommodates a variety of tube types and sizes
  • Increases shaking efficiency
  • Prevents samples from slipping while platform is in motion
  • Note: Add "-E" at end of part number for EU plug models

Applications for BenchWaver 3D Rockers

Staining, washing and general mixing in molecular and biochemical lab applications

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