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Two-Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator
by Marvel Scientific

Two_drawer Undercounter Refrigerator

Sturdy stainless steel drawers with handles
The undercounter configuration of the Two-Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator by Marvel Scientific allows for easy use even from a seated position. Two deep, full-extension drawers with locks and a host of safety features make this unit an ideal storage solution
  • Features two extra-large, stain-resistant stainless steel full-extension drawers with full-width handles
  • Capacity: 4.7 cu. ft. model
  • Insulated thermal-efficient cabinet and drawer 
  • Cam-assisted drawer-close system
  • Front vented through the toe space grill
  • 1" diameter probe port rear cabinet wall (standard)
  • Bright energy efficient white LED interior lighting
  • CSA Approved and warrantied for commericial use
  • 4 leveling legs (up to 1" height adjustment)
Temperature Stability & Energy Efficiency Features
  • Advanced forced air evaporator system with optimized interior cooling air distribution
  • Powerful compressor for fast pull-down time and temperature recovery
  • Energy efficient drawer front gasket system reduces energy consumption and seals in the cold
  • Automatic defrost

24" Two-Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator
Model Marvel Scientific
Cat. # Price
Two Drawer with Stainless Steel Fronts, 4.7 cu. ft., 115V MS24RDS4NS 2860-08A $ 2,164
Capacity  4.7 cu. ft. (133L)
Temperature Range: 32° to 45° F/0° to 7° C
Material White Cabinet/Stainless Steel Drawers
Dimensions: H x W x D
in inches 
34 x 23.875 x 24.25
(864 x 606 x 616)
Recommended Ambient Temperature  18.3°C to 32.2°C (65°F to 90°F)
Shipping Weight: 170 lbs./77 kg

MicroSentry II Temperature Control Features

  • Drawer-front mounted control
  • Accurate electronic temperature control within ±2°C of set point
  • Digital temperature display resolution to 0.1°C
  • User-selectable features: temperature set point between +2° and +8°C, factory preset to +4°C; high and low temperature alarm values; alarm delay time period
  • Visual and Audible Alarms: over/under temperature and "drawer-ajar" events
  • Alarm silence and automatic ring back
  • Keypad lock-out prevents unintended control inputs
  • High/ low temperature logging with reset capability
  • Visual diagnostic error codes
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