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Pipette Carousel Rack
by MTC Bio

Holds 6 single-channel pipettes
The MTC Bio Pipette Carousel Stand is a stable and sturdy pipette holder that accommodates up to six single-channel pipettes. This pipette rack rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access of pipettes and is compatible with over twenty popular pipette brands.
  • Pipette holder for  6 single channel pipettes
  • Compatible with over 20 different pipette brands such as: Rainin (Classic and LTS), Eppendorf Research Plus, Labnet and HTL variable volume pipettes
  • Rotates 360°
  • Wide heavyweight steel base provides a solid foundation and eliminates any possibility of tipping
  • Convenient handle knob for easy carrying and repositioning of a fully loaded stand
  • Compact, stable, and versatile

Rotating Pipette Carousel Rack for Six Single-Channel Pipettes

MTC Bio Part#   Description Dimensions (WxH) Cat # Price
P4280-CR Rotating Carousel Pipette Stand for up to six standard single-channel pipettes. 6.25 x 12 in.
(160 x 300 mm)
5705-26 $ 54

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