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• SpotBot Extreme Microarray Spotters are available in Standard(SBX) and Protein (SBXPRO) systems

• Ideal for core research facilities and microarray manufacturing applications

• Recommended for all ex situ microarray manufacturing applications, including oligonucleotides, cDNA, carbohydrate, antigen, antibody, peptide, and reverse-phase microarrays

• SBXPRO equipped with chiller bath that has platen cooling to 4°C for maximum cooling uniformity, speed and efficiency; enables antigen, antibody, peptide, lysate and reverse phase protein microarrays

• Compatible with entire line of Arrayit Microarrayers

• 2 printing zones of 14 substrate slides each

• Deck capacity of 2 standard microplates (96-well or 384-well), 28 glass substrates (25 x 76 mm)

• Prints up to 10,000 samples onto glass substrate slides in less than 12-hours

• Prints up to 50,000 samples onto each 25 mm x 76 mm substrate slide

• Printhead holds 16 microarray pins (4 x 4 grid) at 4.5 mm spacing

• Unsurpassed printhead precision, micro-machines to ± 1.3 µm

• Low buffer consumption of less than 1 liter per hour

• SBX and SBXPRO models include: Arrayit BioBlue mini computer humidity control from 10-80% relative humidity, megasonic wash station, LED flat panel display

• Optional Extended Warranty: One-Year, Two-Year and Three-Year

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features and Specifications

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  • Recommended for all ex situ microarray manufacturing applications, including oligonucleotides, cDNA, carbohydrate, antigen, antibody, peptide, and reverse-phase microarrays
  • Compatible with human, rat, Drosophila, Arabidopsis, C. elegans, yeast, bacteria, and viruses
  • Supports VIP genotyping and other diagnostic applications
  • Improved precision, speed and durability with heavy duty overhead gantry
  • Printing routines allow up to 5 technical replicates per sample
  • Low buffer consumption of less than 1 liter per hour
  • Printed microarrays are compatible with Arrayit microarray scanners, labeling-and-purification kits, hybridization, and wash-and-blocking buffers
  • Printhead compatible with entire line of Stealth, 946, Green, and professional microarray pins
  • All systems arrive pre-calibrated and ready-to-use
  • 1-hour customer installation time; comprehensive technical support
  • Superior axis resolution and repeatability provide uniform spot-spacing for easy quantification
  • Forced air stream pin drying for improved pin cleaning and sample loading
  • Advanced robotics for performance and reliability; Micro-robotics for low thermal emission, energy savings and quiet operation
  • On-board humidity control module tightly controls system humidity within 1% relative humidity at steady-state and minimizes sample evaporation
  • Sample evaporation also minimized due to low air turbulence
  • Private label and OEM agreement available for volume purchases
  • Instrument and accessory vibration dampeners allows printing in any lab setting
  • Utilizes Windows 7 operating system
Blue Bio Mini shown with the SBXPRO SpotBot Extreme Protein Edition

ADA compliant and undercounter models feature a microprocessor based controller and an LED digital display interface.

Robot Dimensions (H x L x W) 21" x 12" x 10" (540 x 300 x 270 mm)
Electrical Requirements 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz
Deck Capacity 2 microwell plates (96-well or 384-well)
Substrate Deck Capacity 2 decks of fourteen 25 mm x 76 mm glasssubstrates
Printhead Configuration 16 microarray printing pins in a 4 x 4 pattern
Printhead Pin Spacing 4.5 mm
Axis Resolution ± 10 µm
Humidity Control 10 – 80% RH
Humidity Control Speed 5% RH per minute and ± 1% at steady-state
SBXPRO Cooling Deck Capacity Ambient to 4°C
Cleanroom Compatibility ISO 3
Robot Weight 24 lbs. (11.4 kg)

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