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Product specification sheets help you select the chairs and stools that are right for your lab or cleanroom application and design. These chairs combine ergonomics with cleanliness. Balances & Moisture Analyzers
Ultra-Micro and Semi-Micro analytical, precision and top-loading balances for sample weighing, density and peak hold measurements as well as moisture analyzers for trace moisture measurements. Centrifuges
Processes for clinical, research and development and life sciences often call for centrifuges. See product specifications as well as selection guides, application notes and maintenance tips. Hot Plates
A wide variety of general lab hot plates and stirrers in a range of sizes, temperature ranges, and construction materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. Pipettes & Liquid Handling
Automated, robotic liquid handling systems for sample prep, plate washing and instrument integration are featured in these technical resources. Also find data regarding mechanical and electronic pipettes for accurate and efficient sample and reagent transfer. Wet Baths & Chillers
Water baths and dry baths are used for sample preparation and reagent/media thawing. Chillers and circulators for HPLCs, gel electrophoresis and refractometers are also used, and featured in these technical resources. Ovens & Furnaces
High-security, cleanroom-compatible ovens and furnaces are used for baking, curing and other laboratory processes requiring high temperatures. See these product details on our selection of laboratory ovens. Refrigerators & Freezers
Find technical resources related to refrigerators and freezers used in general or specific laboratory applications. Features and applications are outlined in this product information. Lab Glassware Washers
Discover product details for our labware washers, plus information related to detergents used. Read whitepapers and technical resources to help with product selection and performance of glassware washers. Sonicators & Homogenizers
Lab sonicators for mixing, cleaning and de-gassing Incubators & Test Chambers
Read installation and operating guides related to CO2 and microbiological incubator maintenance, work flow procedures and sterilization methods. Microplate Equipment
Operating manuals for microplate readers, washers, shakers and sealers. Shakers & Vortexers
Shaker, vortex mixer, rotator, roller and rocker operating manuals, installation guides, white papers and technical documents. Gel Imaging Systems
Laboratory Cryogenics
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