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TSX Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezer
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

The TSX Series lowers operating costs
without compromising sample integrity
The TSX600D Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer provides strict sample security for environmentally-friendly microbiology labs, combining high performance with energy efficiency. The TSX-Series maximizes lab space by offering a 600-box capacity in a small footprint (1.06 square meters), using the same racks as previous Thermo Scientific freezers, eliminating the need to purchase all new racking systems.
  • V-Drive technology offers significant energy savings by varying the compressor speed to adapt to frequent door opening in busy labs
  • Industry-leading door-opening recovery (DOR) time of 24 minutes
  • Standard mode (8.7kW-hour/day) or high-performance mode (10.2kW-hour/day) available to optimize energy use
  • Whisper-quiet operation generates less than 46 dBA of noise
  • Temperature ranges from -50°C to -86°C
  • Peak variation from -80°C set-point: +6.9/+1.8 (standard mode), +4.4/-0.4 (high-performance mode)
  • 28.8 cubic foot capacity stores 600 boxes that can hold up to 60,000 2 mL tubes
  • Touchscreen interface and USB-downloadable data storage; temperature and event data is stored on-board for 15 years
  • Rack systems are interchangeable between Thermo Scientific freezers
  • 2-Year warranty on parts & labor
  • 5-Year warranty on compressor parts
Ordering Information
TSX Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezer
Thermo Fisher Scientific Part # Dimensions Plug-Type Cat. # Price
TSX600D 43.4" x 37.8"D x 78.0"H
(1102 x 960 x 1981 mm)
NEMA 6-15 5321-18 Call TUI


Two internal doors minimize temperature
fluctuations when accessing samples

Touchscreen interface displays temperature
set-point and temperature variation

Shelves and Accessories


#5321-19 Racks available to store microplate arrays or boxes

#5321-21 Each shelf can hold up to 6 standard sized racks
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Racks for Boxes and Microplates
Thermo Fisher Scientific Part # Model Storage Specs Cat # Price
920090 Sliding Drawer Rack, 2" Boxes Boxes Per Rack 25 5321-19 $ 189
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
1950520 Adjustable Side Access Rack, 2" Boxes Boxes Per Rack 25 5321-20 $ 198
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
920091 Sliding Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes Boxes Per Rack 15 5321-21 $ 189
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
1950521 Adjustable Side Access Rack, 3" Boxes Boxes Per Rack 15 5321-22 $ 198
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
1950642 Sliding Drawer Rack, Standard/Deepwell Microplates Plates Per Rack 35 5321-23 $ 198
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
1950523 Side Access Rack, Standard Microplates Plates Per Rack 105 5321-24 $ 239
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
1950592 Side Access Rack w/ Locking Rod, Standard/Deepwell Microplates Plates Per Rack 147 5321-25 $ 182
Racks Per Shelf 6
Racks Per Freezer 24
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Part # Description Cat. # Price
RAC34567 Access Key Option, Factory Installed 
5321-26 $ 733
SK600 Shelf Kit
5321-27 $ 270


TSX V-Drive Technology

Variable speed compressors and adaptive controls adjust to both internal and external conditions. The control system detects multiple door openings (such as when adding samples to the freezer) and increases the drive speed to expedite recovery times. Once conditions stabilize, the compressors will slow down to the minimum idle speed to maintain the temperature setting, preventing wasted electricity. Two internal doors protect samples from temperature changes and reduce ice buildup, providing further energy savings.
A conventional ULT freezer has a single-speed compressor, requiring on/off cycles that increase wear-and-tear on the compressor, shortening its usable life span.  The single-speed design slows door-opening recovery and wastes energy by inefficiently switching between maximum speed and zero.
Estimated Annual Electricity Consumption
TSX600 (high-performance mode) Conventional Refrigerant ULT Freezer
3175.5 kWh 6570 kWh
Door-Opening Recovery Time
TSX600 Stirling ULT freezer
Door open for 1 minute 24 minutes --
Door open for 2 minutes 45 minutes 1.5 hours

Sustainability Features

  • Dual hermetic compressors use natural, hydrocarbon-based refrigerants R170 Ethane and R290 Propane
  • Water-blown foam insulation cuts down refrigerant out-gassing as foam ages
  • Award-winning, zero-waste-to-landfill production facility recycles 93% of waste and converts 7% of waste into energy

Natural, Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

The TSX Series employs hydrocarbon refrigerants due to their excellent thermodynamic properties, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are also better for the compressors, as they eliminate the lack of oil return associated with conventional refrigerants. The TSX-Series is UL and CE certified and adheres to the strictest safety standards.
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File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) TSX Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezer by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Provides a brief introduction to features and available accessories for the TSX Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezer by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Product specifications included.
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