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Laboratory Medical Carts
by InterMetro

Starsys Medical Carts are preconfigured enclosed mobile carts with corrosion-proof polymer components for contamination free storage of healthcare and medical supplies. These mobile models have a smooth surface and are equipped with casters for reliable transport of supplies and equipment.  
  • Microban antimicrobial protection prevents stains and odor-causing bacteria
  • All models include polyurethane casters (two with brakes)
  • Modular design feature allows unit to be configured in layout and design
  • Interchangeable drawers and color-coded drawer pulls available in various colors
  • Material: polymer enclosures and rigid aluminum, epoxy-coated metal substructure
  • Choose: Biomedical, Bedside, General Supply & Transport or Tall Linen Exchange Carts
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty from Date of Shipment

InterMetro Starsys Biomedical Cart with right and left swingout pods and blue drawer pulls

Starsys Biomedical Cart  46"H -- Preconfigured

Features left and right swingout non-locking pods 
  • Left Swingout Pod includes one 3” drawer, one 6” drawers and three 9” drawers
  • Right Swingout Pod includes: Pod Tray with Dividers, three pod tilt bin, Overbridge with shelf and accessory rail and utility/TV pole and clamp
  • Overall dimensions: 34.7"W x 24.9"D x 47.7"H"(882 mm x 633 mm x 1212 mm)
InterMetro Part # Cat.# Price
SXRSBIO 1306-86 $ 3,389

InterMetro Starsys Bedside cart with pink drawer pulls, two fixed left and right pods and casters

Starsys Bedside Cart 45"H--Preconfigured

Mobile shell with mechanical key locks (2 keys) and left and right fixed pods

  • Overall Dimensions: 34.7"W x 24.9"D x 47.7"H"(882 mm x 633 mm x 1212 mm)


  • Four 3" (76 mm) polymer drawers
  • Two 6" (152 mm) polymer drawers
  • One 9" (229 mm) polymer drawer
  • One 3" drawer divider kit
  • Pink drawer pulls
  • Left Fixed Pod with chart holder and tilt out bin
  • Right Fixed Pod with 3 locking tilt bins 
InterMetro Part # Cat.# Price
SXRSBED 1306-85 $ 2,672

InterMetro double bay Starsys Supply and Transport Cart with blue drawer pulls and casters

Starsys General Supply & Transport Cart 45" -- Preconfigured

Double-Bay Mobile Shelf with left and right bays
  • Overall Dimensions 42.5"W x 24.9"D x 44.7"H (1080 x 635 x 1135 mm)
  • Left Bay includes: three 3" (76 mm) polymer drawers, one 6" (152 mm) polymer drawer, one 9" (229 mm) polymer drawer
  • Right Bay includes: two poly shelves, solid 270° right-hinged non-locking door and slate blue pulls
InterMetro Part # Cat.# Price
SXRDGS4 1306-82 $ 2,784

InterMetro Starsys Linen Cart open
Starsys preconfigured linen exchanged cart with closed door and casters


Starsys Tall Enclosed Linen Exchange Cart  78"H--Preconfigured

Double-wide tall mobile linen exchange cart with quikSLOT inserts
  • Overall Dimensions: 42.5"W x 27.9"D x 78.3”H (1080 x 709 x 1990 mm)
  • Interior Dimensions: 38"W x 22"D x 66”H (966 x 559 x 1677 mm)
  • 4 double-wide qwikSLOT chrome wire stationary shelves (behind upper door set)
  • 2 solid non-locking 270° swinging door
  • 4 polyurethane swivel casters 5” (127 mm) two with brakes


InterMetro Part # Cat.# Price
SXRD76CM3 1306-81 $ 3,019













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