Recommended Gowning Room Design

Ideal Gowning Room Layout
  1. Secure lockers for clothing and personal property
  2. Shoe cleaner, with rotating brushes to remove gross contaminants
  3. Walk-off adhesive shoe mat
  4. Air Shower, with HEPA filtered air jets to remove loose contaminants
  5. Hand washing station, no-touch operation
  6. Hand dryer (if not incorporated into washer), HEPA/ULPA-filtered air, no touch
  7. Dispenser for glove liner or underglove
  8. Glove washing/drying station (if gloves not clean)
  9. Glove washing/drying station (if gloves not clean)
  10. Headwear dispenser
  11. Face mask dispenser
  12. Waste receptacle—should be installed wherever packaging is removed
  13. Garment Storage Facility—depends on garment type
    1. Open Garment Rack for reusable garments
    2. Enclosed Garment Cabinet for reusable garments (includes HEPA blower)
    3. Garment Storage Shelves for packaged disposable garments, Overstock Cabinet
  14. Waste Receptacle
  15. Ergonomic Lean Rails support personnel while donning coveralls
  16. Gowning Platform provides a noncontaminated surface to prevent violation of garment
  17. Wiper dispenser—used to clean bench prior to putting on booties
  18. Bootie/shoe cover dispenser (may also be incorporated into benches)
  19. Waste Receptacle
  20. Gowning benches, used when putting on booties. Booties stay on "clean" side
  21. Cleanroom mirror for final self-inspection (side-by-side w/poster showing correctly garbed model)
  22. Safety glass and overglove dispensers
  23. Air shower—may be required in cleanroom entrance
  24. Garment hamper for reusable garments to be laundered
  25. Waste receptacle for disposable garments