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DigiDoc-It® Imaging System
by UVP

Exclusive Capture Software for
automatic report generation
DigiDoc-It Imaging Systems feature an exclusive Capture Software for simple and affordable gel documentation. Units provide high quality images of pre-stained gels and the 17.9 Megapixel resolution provides publication quality images. The featured lightweight hood fits directly over the transilluminator and functions as a mobile darkroom that blocks ambient light from reducing the quality of images. Designed for 25-watt High Performance UV Transilluminators, other transilluminator sizes are also available to accommodate several different gel sizes.
  • High-resolution images of pre-stained gels quickly 
  • Utilized for colorimetric or fluorescence analysis 
  • High resolution, 17.9 Megapixel DigiCam 130 
  • High performance 302 nm UV transilluminator 
  • Provides live previews for parameter optimization 
  • Drawer mode allows for easy loading and removal of gels 
  • Access door functions as a darkroom to block ambient light 
  • Cap opens for easy camera access 
  • Viewport with UV blocking for safe viewing of UV fluorescent gels 
  • Handles for easy removal of hood from transilluminator
  • Accessories: Converter Plates, Thermal Printer and Gel tools
  • Capture Software: controls camera, image capture/enhancement, image preview, selection of user-defined settings, filters and automatic report generation

DigiDoc-It® Imaging System for Gel Documentation

UVP Part# Description Filter Size (cm) UV Wavelength (nm) Cat # Price
97-0243-01 DIGIDOC-IT SYSTEM, W/TFM-20 High Performance UV Transilluminator 20 x 20 302 1014-82 Call TUI
97-0244-01 DIGIDOC-IT SYSTEM, W/TFM-26 High Performance UV Transilluminator 21 x 26 302 1014-83 Call TUI
97-0246-01 DIGIDOC-IT SYSTEM, W/TFM-30 High Performance UV Transilluminator 25 x 30 302 1014-84 Call TUI
97-0105-01 DIGIDOC-IT 120 SYSTEM (No transilluminator) N/A N/A 1014-85 Call TUI
97-0068-01 DRAWER, DIGIDOC-IT N/A N/A 1014-86 Call TUI
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Technical Specifications for DigiDoc-It® Imaging System

Outer Hood Dimensions 17.75W x 12D inches
Inner Hood Dimensions 16.5W x 10.75D inches
Electrical 115 volts, 60 Hz
Imaging Resolution 17.9 Megapixels
Camera DigiCam 130
Camera Interface USB
Power Supply DC
Darkroom Lightweight plastic
Access door
Gel Viewer Camera protected by caps
Filter Size 20 x 20 cm (#97-0243-01)
21 x 26 cm (#97-0244-01)
25 x 30 cm (#97-0246-01)
Filter Wavelength 302 nm
Emission Filters EtBr Red 570-640nm
Software Camera controls
Image capture
Image enhancement
Software loads on computer
Requires: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
Applications: Fluorescence and Colorimetric Image Analysis
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Features of DigiDoc-It® Gel Documentation System

Lightweight hood opens for easy loading
and removal of gels on transilluminator;
functions as a darkroom by blocking
UV light from entering the chamber
Cap opens for easy camera access

Converter Plates for DigiDoc-It Imaging Systems

UVP Part# Description Filter Size  UV Wavelength (nm) Sample Applications Cat # Price
38-0191-01 UV to White Light 21x26 cm 302nm to white light Coomassie, Instant Blue, Silver stain 1016-12 Call TUI
38-0191-04 UV to White Light 25x26 cm 302nm to white light 1016-13 Call TUI
38-0200-01 Visi-Blue 21x26 cm UV to 460-470nm GFP, GelGreen and SYBR Green 1016-14 Call TUI
38-0200-04 Visi-Blue 25x26 cm UV to 460-470nm 1016-15 Call TUI
38-0325-01 UV to UV 25x26 cm 302nm UV to 365nm Preparation and Gel Excision 1016-16 Call TUI
UV to White Light Converter Plate Visi-Blue Converter Plate

Converter Plates expand the capabilities of DigiDoc-It capabilities by converting standard 302 nm UV wavelength to white, blue, or long wavelength UV light.
  • Also compatible with BioDoc-It2 Imaging Systems
  • Choose White Light, Visi-Blue and UV to UV converter plates
  • Two filter sizes available
  • Three wavelength filters meet a myriad of applications
  • Scratch-resistant plastic material is mounted in a housing for durability
  • Handles on both sides for easy handling

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Digital Thermal Printer for BioDoc-It2 Imaging System

UVP Part# Description Cat # Price
89-0069-06 Digital thermal printer, Mitsubishi (115V) 1016-04 Call TUI

Compatible with BioDoc-It2 and GelMax Imager
  • Compatible with BioDoc-It2 and GelMax Imager
  • 256 gray scale resolution
  • High resolution, archive-quality thermal film prints
  • Compact printer is excellent for limited laboratory bench space
  • Process low-cost prints in seconds
  • Interface:  USB 2.0
  • Print Capacity:  254 prints set at (1280 X 960) page size
  • Print Speed:  1.9 sec
  • Picture Size:  3" X 4" (75 X 100 mm)
  • Power Supply:  100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):  6.07 X 9.45 X 3.33" (154 X 240 X 84.5 mm)
  • Weight:  5.72 lbs. (2.6 kg)
  • Application: Gel Documentation
  • Options: Standard or high gloss paper
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    Gel Tools for BioDoc-It2 Imaging System

    UVP Part# Description Dimensions Cat # Price
    85-0002-01 Gel-Cutter
    • Edge allows for easy gel cutting and removal gel material
    20cm L 1016-17 Call TUI
    85-0003-01 Gel-Ruler
    • Centimeter markings fluoresce under 365nm and 302nm ultraviolet wavelengths, providing reference marks for DNA analysis
    25cm L 1016-18 Call TUI
    • Made of strong acrylic with a beveled edge
    • Designed for easy transfer of gels from electrophoresis equipment to viewing equipment
    5W x 12L in.
    (12.7 x 30.5 cm)
    1016-19 Call TUI
    85-0007-01 Gel-Tray, Small
    • Material: UV transmitting Plexiglas
    • For moving gels to the transilluminator
    • Protects the transilluminator's filter surface from scratches
    • Side panels on the Gel-Tray, angled at a 45 degree bend, extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling
    11.5W x 9D in.
    (29 x 23 cm)
    1016-20 Call TUI
    85-0005-01 Gel-Tray, Large
    • Material: UV transmitting Plexiglas
    • For moving gels to the transilluminator
    • Protects the transilluminator's filter surface from scratches
    • Side panels on the Gel-Tray, angled at a 45 degree bend, extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling
    16.5W x 10.5D in.
    (42 x 27 cm)
    1016-21 Call TUI
    98-0109-01 Gel-Tool Kit
    • Includes: Gel-Cutter, Gel-Ruler, Gel-Scooper, Gel-Tray Faceshield (blocks UV and protect eye and face from ultraviolet sources)
    N/A 1016-22 Call TUI

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