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Additional Features of RV 8 Rotary Evaporators by IKA

  • Included Heating bath provides precise control of distillation process
  • Clamp designed for easy changing of the evaporation flask
  • Ergonomic one-handed manual lift designed for right or left hand users
  • Quick and gentle distillation of liquids
  • The heating bath with dry-run control prevents operation of the bath without liquid
  • Adjustable immersion angle
  • Applications: chemical distillation, evaporation of solutions and suspensions, crystallization, synthesis or cleaning of fine chemicals, drying of powder and granular materials
  • Compatible with RV 10 glassware
  • Five-Year Manufacturer Warranty (2-year Warranty plus 3 years after registration)

RV 8 Rotary Evaporator Models

Ideal for budget conscious labs

The RV 8 FLEX is a base model without distillation glassware. This unit gives users the option to use a variety of glassware specific to the application. Also accepts RV 10 glassware.

RV 8 V and RV 8 V C
Includes glassware

Models include a high quality borosilicate glass distillation glassware set. The "V C" configuration includes a shatterproof coated vertical glassware for increased user protection.

RV 8 with Dry Ice Condenser
Added safety and stability

Units are ideal for solvents with low boiling points. The low temperatures provided by the dry ice maximizes condensation. Models include standard or shatterproof glassware.

Compare RV 8 Rotary Evaporators

ParametersRV 8 FLEXRV 8 VRV 8 V-CRV 8 with Dry Ice CondenserRV 8 with Dry Ice Condenser, coated
Type of cooling N/A Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical
Cooling surface 0 cm2 1500 cm2 1500 cm2 620 cm2 1500 cm2
Dimensions 20.07W x 13.58D x 19.29H in.(510 x 345 x 490 mm) 19.48W x 15.35D x 24.21H in.(495 x 390 x 615 mm) 20.07W x 13.58D x 19.29H in.(510 x 345 x 490 mm) 20.07W x 13.58D x 19.29H in.(510 x 345 x 490 mm) 20.07W x 13.58D x 19.29H in.(510 x 345 x 490 mm)
Weight 34.17 lbs. [15.5 kg] 37.91 lbs. [17.2 kg] 37.91 lbs. [17.2 kg] 37.91 lbs. [17.2 kg] 37.91 lbs. [17.2 kg]

Specifications for all RV 8 Rotary Evaporators

Speed range 5 - 300 rpm
Speed tolerance set rotation <100rpm 1 ±rpm
Heat control accuracy 1±K
SpeedVoltage (specify when ordering) 100 to 240 V
DC Voltage 24 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Input 1400W
Motor Principle DC
Adjustable Immersion Angle Yes
Bath Volume Maximum 3 liters
Lift Manual
Stroke 120 mm
Heating temperature range RT-180°C
Heat Output 1300W
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
Vacuum controller integrated No
RS 232 Control and USB No
Analog Output No
Reversible Rotation Direction No
Timer No

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Centrifuges are used in pharmaceutical, biology, microbiology, manufacturing and research labs to separate and isolate suspensions, gas and immiscible liquids. The rotating action of the centrifuge chamber creates the separation as lighter particles migrate toward the axis of centrifugal rotation while more dense particles migrate away. Centrifuges also separate solids from liquids referred to as sedimentation.

Ventilated or Refrigerated Centrifuges

Centrifuges can be categorized as ventilated or refrigerated centrifuges. Manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific offer ventilated and refrigerated versions in their Heraeus line of centrifuges. Ventilated centrifuges are used for samples that do not require a specific temperature during centrifugation, while refrigerated centrifuges will have a cooling mechanism to maintain a set temperature required for the samples being processed.

Ventilated Heraeus Megafuge 16
Refrigerated Heraeus Megafuge 16

Features of Centrifuges

Manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Benchmark Scientific and Hermle offer a wide range of centrifuge models to satisfy your lab's application requirements.

Modern centrifuge design offers innovative features making it easy for labs to conduct separation protocols:

  • Stop and start lid feature in micro and benchtop centrifuges enables easy operation
  • Easy rotor switch in various Heraeus centrifuge models provide a 3-second installation and removal of rotors and a push button safety feature
  • Biocontainment solutions in Heraeus centrifuge models
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant rotors enable faster speeds and higher g-force
  • Silent operation found in mini centrifuges such as the myFuge 12
  • Silent operation found in mini centrifuges such as the myFuge 12
  • Energy-efficient model uses up to 40% energy per tube on routine protocols
  • Select centrifuges can store up to 99 programs
  • Microprocessor equipped models allow set details of parameters
  • Imbalance recognition in models such as the Sorvall Stratos protects samples and drive by detecting wrong rotor installation

Centrifuge Applications: Molecular biology, DNA isolation/separation, blood separation, hematology, immunology, clinical studies, cellular biology, microbiology, genomics, proteomics, and biochemistry

Centrifuge Rotors and Accessories

Laboratory centrifuges must be purchased with compatible rotors and adaptors. Centrifuges are used with either a fixed-angle or a swinging bucket rotor, and many centrifuges will accept both types of rotors. Some rotors can be compatible with one or more centrifuges within the same manufacturer line.

  • Fixed-angle rotors rotate samples at a specified angle
  • Swinging bucket rotors rotate samples in a swinging outward motion during operation
  • Combination rotor found in select micro centrifuges accepts tubes and strips and eliminates the need to change rotors
  • Swingout rotor for microplates feature found in PlateFuge Micro Centrifuge
DualSpin rotor with fixed angle buckets for life science applications
DualSpin rotor with swinging buckets ideal for use in serum preparation
MyFuge Mini equipped with an 8-position fixed-angle microtube rotor

One way to choose a centrifuge suitable for your lab application is by looking into the technical specifications of various micro/mini, benchtop and freestanding centrifuges. Browse our collection of laboratory centrifuges and find a cost-effective solution for your lab separation applications.