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100/240 V Benchtop or Wall Mount 1L/ min 1-5 ppb 30 L 2 Cartridges UV/UF 50157882 1108-84 76858 $8,5845-10 Days2
100/240 V Benchtop or Wall Mount 1L/ min 1-5 ppb 30 L 3 Cartridges UV/UF 50157873 1108-82 76841 $6,3855-10 Days3
100/240 V Benchtop or Wall Mount 1L/ min 1-5 ppb 60 L 2 Cartridges UV/UF 50157877 1108-85 76860 $9,5725-10 Days4
100/240 V Benchtop or Wall Mount 1L/ min 1-5 ppb 60 L 3 Cartridges UV/UF 50157872 1108-83 76855 $10,3965-10 Days5
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Tank Capacity
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Product Details

• 30L and 60L water purification systems produce ASTM Type 1 and ASTM Type 2 water

• Includes: RO cartridge, polishing cartridge, Barnstead pretreatment cartridge (complete kit models only)

• Features automatic standby mode, leak detector and alerts

• Permeate Performance: 16L/hr. at 10°C

• 16 LPH RO module removes up to 99% of tap water impurities

• Smart2Pure Pro models include RO/pretreatment cartridge, an ultrapure polisher cartridge, sterile 0.1 μm filter, UV lamp, UF filter, 30L or 60 tank, CO2 vent filter, sterile overflow and system wall bracket

Barnstead Pretreatment cartridge includes: Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauges, Three Cartridges (D502113, D502114 and D502115) and Wall Mount

International Standards: ASTM D11931 Type 1, ISO 3696 Grade 1, and CLSI-CLRW, delivering ultrapure 18.2 MΩ.cm water

• Polishing cartridge features high-quality ultrapure resin provides consistent water purity and extend cartridge life

• Variable speed dispensing controls flow

• Flow rate: up to 1L/min.

• Feed water connector: ¾” and ½” NPT

• Total Organic Carbon: 1 to 5 ppb

• Conductivity: Type 1: 0.055μS/cm and Type II: 0.067 to 0.1μS/cm

Tiltable Display Features: simplified user interface, automatic standby mode, leak detector, alerts (consumable replacements)

• Monitors RO water quality

• Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop for fast replacement

• Automatic standby mode maintains water purity by recirculating water even when system is not in use

• Inline ultrafilter with large surface area removes endotoxins and nucleases

• Code-protected system parameters prevent accidental changes to set points

• Easy-to-clean and disinfect large opening and conical bottom enables complete draining

• Sterile venting filter/reservoir overflow protects against contamination by microorganisms.

Options: hand dispenser ( #50138221), CO2 absorber Polyethylene reservoir is opaque to light.

• Re circulation pump protects the high purity water from bacterial growth during standstills and maintains the low conductivity value.

• Feed water: Potable tap water pretreated with Barnstead pretreatment cartridge (#50157886)

Water Purity Systems

  • Barnstead Smart2Pure Pro Water Purification Systems by Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead Smart2Pure Pro Water Purification Systems
Barnstead Smart2Pure Pro Water Purification Systems by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Display and Interface

Easy-to-use scroll menu interface displays alerts, water tank levels, modes and pure water temperature

Hand Dispenser

Optional hand dispenser (50138221) enables water dispensing up to 9.8 feet away from Smart2Pure Pro unit

Includes Consumables

All Smart2Pure Pro models include RO cartridge, high purity cartridge, UV light, ultrafilter, 0.1 micron final filter and wall mount brackets

Pretreatment Cartridge

Smart2Pure Pro complete kits include a Barnstead pretreatment cartridge that protects RO membrane by removing feed water impurities

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