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Portable FFU Base Stand; 1 FFU,  26.5" W x 26" D x 4" H
Portable FFU Base Stand; 1 FFU, 26.5" W x 26" D x 4" H

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    Customize Portable FFU Base Stand; 1 FFU, 26.5" W x 26" D x 4" H


    Optional add-ons designed to enhance your system
    Portable FFU Base Stand; 1 FFU,  26.5
    Portable FFU Base Stand; 1 FFU, 26.5" W x 26" D x 4" H 6605-60-S Quick Ship+ 1 required Only 6 left in stock
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    System Integration Fee, Class D
    System Integration Fee, Class D 9998-IntegrationD
    Custom-configured product. Contact Lab Equip by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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    Mounting Foot; 2.25
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    Leveling Foot, Polyurethane non-skid, 3.25
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    Replacement Parts

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    Leveling Foot, Nylon, 2
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