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2 mL Vial Capacity Design Material Static Hold Time Liquid Nitrogen Capacity Low Liquid Nitrogen Alarm Manufacturer SKUPriceUsually Ships inStocked
1600BenchtopPowder Coated Steel70 days60 LNoCY50925 $4,55710-20 Days
1800Free StandingPowder Coated Steel185 days111 LNoCY50945 $4,79710-20 Days
160050 LNoCY509105 Request Quote10-20 Days
1800185 days111 LNoCY509110 Request Quote7-11 Days
3600Free StandingAluminum112 days111 LYesCY509107 $6,01410-20 Days
6000Free StandingAluminum185 days184 LYesCY509113 $7,0286-8 Days Stocked
3600Free StandingAluminum112 days111 LNoCY50935 $4,7975-7 Days Stocked
6000Free StandingAluminum185 days184 LNoCY50985 $5,83410-20 Days


  • Economically store up to 6,000 samples
  • Temperature stays below -180°C with less than 2" of liquid nitrogen remaining
  • Indexed system available with or without an ultrasonic level monitor
  • Makes sample retrieval simple and consumes minimal liquid nitrogen
  • Lockable lid ensures sample security
  • Advanced vacuum insulation reduces liquid nitrogen loss, lowers operating costs, and offers better protection for cryogenic samples
  • Optional Ultrasonic Level Monitor provides a continuous digital LED readout and visual/audible alarms for liquid nitrogen levels
  • Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Brand: Locator Jr., Locator 4, Locator 6, Locator 8
  • Includes stainless steel racks for use with 2 Nalgene cryogenic boxes (total storage capacity)
  • Optional racks designed for 5mL vials can hold four 81-ampule cryogenic boxes (available for Locator Jr, Locator 4, and Locator 6)


  • Locator™ Cryogenic Storage System Locator™ Cryogenic Storage System

Features & Benefits

Locator™ 8 Cryogenic Storage System

Shown: Locator™ 8 Cryogenic Storage System (includes 6 racks, 72-box capacity; boxes sold separately).

Locator™ Jr Cryogenic Storage System

Shown: Locator™ Jr Cryogenic Storage System (includes 4 racks, 16-box capacity; boxes sold separately).

Locator™ Cryogenic Storage System

The Locator™ Cryogenic Storage System indexes samples into racks and boxes for simplified sample retrieval.

Popular Accessories

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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level Monitors, mounted on the lid of the Locator, includes low nitrogen level indicator lights and integrates with other monitoring systems.
  • Nalgene Vial Boxes
    Gridded and numbered Nalgene™ cryogenic boxes allow for sample indexing.
  • Cryogenic Vials
    Nalgene® cryogenic vials feature an external thread on the vial and internal thread on the cap to guard against contamination.
  • CryoClaw™ Vial Remover
    This tool carefully retrieves dislodged vials and other fallen objects from the bottom of cryogenic vessels (compatible with dewar openings at least two inches in diameter).
  • Wheeled Accessory Carts
    These 5" high, low-profile carts are also compatible with other Thermo Scientific cryogenic vessels.
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