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Chamber Material Window Material Chamber Width Chamber Depth Chamber Height Voltage Number of Glove Ports Liner Material PriceUsually Ships inStocked
Polyethylene Laminated Safety Glass 33.5" 30" 39" 120 V 2 Polyethylene $10,62920-24 Days
Polyethylene Laminated Safety Glass 33.5" 30" 39" 240 V 2 Polyethylene $10,62920-24 Days


• HEPA filtration maintains ISO Class 5 conditions in work area

• Includes: anti-static ionizer fan, balance vibration isolator and neoprene gloves, built-in blower with speed control

• Ideal for use in pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and biochemistry labs working with hazardous airborne particulates or powders

• Provides a leak-tight barrier to the operator while weighing potent fine powders

• Airborne particulate cleanliness exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions and achieves ISO Class 3 conditions

• ¼” laminated safety glass viewing window with powder-coated steel frame and neoprene gasket

• Included glove size: neoprene gloves size 9 ¾”

• Interior space of main chamber: 13 cu. ft.

• Built-in blower speed control capable of airflow from 13 CFM to 100 CFM (22.1 m³/hr. to 170 m³/hr.)

• 0.05 ppm average tracer gas levels or less detected during perimeter scan testing

• Vibrations less than .00015 inches (0.004 mm) displacement measured at the work surface at all airflow volumes

• Balance stability to five decimal places on an analytical balance

• Leak-tested with a mass spectrometer while pressurized with helium at 1 inch of water gauge


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