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PolymerOpen-grid/Solid36"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X537EGX3 $9974-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid36"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q537EG3 $7564-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid36"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X337EGX3 $8784-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid36"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q337EG3 $6734-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid60"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X567EGX3 $1,2984-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid60"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q567EG3 $9674-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid60"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X367EGX3 $1,1174-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid60"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q367EG3 $8444-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid48"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X557EGX3 $1,1504-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid48"24"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q557EG3 $8624-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid48"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5X357EGX3 $9914-6 Days Stocked
PolymerOpen-grid/Solid48"18"79"Swivel/Brake5Polyurethane5Q357EG3 $7534-6 Days Stocked


  • Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built into shelf mats and touch points
  • MetroMax i models feature polyurethane or rubber casters, polymer horns and SS axles
  • MetroMax Q models features easy to clean corrosion resistant shelves and posts
  • 5MPX casters with 5" (127mm) polyurethane wheels
  • Smooth surfaces prevents abrasion and tears of stored materials
  • Models include rubber or polyurethane stem caster
  • 5-tier models with Microban antimicrobial product protection
  • Weight capacity of cart: 900 lbs. (408kg) evenly distributed
  • Approximate cart height — 79 5/16" (2015 mm)
  • Standard Units consist of 5 shelves (4 open grid, 1 MetroMax i solid), 74" (1880mm) posts, wedge connectors, and polyurethane casters

Features and Benefits

Free Shipping on Metro Orders

Terra offers free ground freight to the lower 48 states on qualifying Metro orders. Talk to your Terra sales specialist for details.

MetroMax Polymer Stem Casters

Antimicrobial and corrosion resistant polymer swivel stem caster with bumper recommended for MetroMax i Glassware Carts; 300 lbs. load rating.

Easy-to-Clean Shelves

MetroMax iQ carts have removable shelves that are easy to clean by hand or can be placed in a washer.

Interchangeable Shelves

The modular design of MetroMax iQ Utility carts allows users to change between MetroMax I and Q shelves using the same frames and posts to suit a variety of applications.

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • MetroMax iQ Shelving Foot Plate
    Zinc footplate allows MetroMax iQ shelving systems to be safely bolted to the floor
  • MetroMax iQ Shelving Post Clamp
    Joins two MetroMax shelving systems together
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