• Bulbs: 8 High output, 4-pin, low pressure UV-C germicidal bulbs, low ozone
  • Material: Stainless steel construction; quartz bulbs
  • Total UV Output at 10 ft.: 180 µW/cm2
  • Includes 4 motion sensors (built-in), remote starter and, heavy duty protective cover
  • Coverage: 360° at 10 ft.  Radius
  • Lamp Life/Quality: Rated for 16,000 hours of usage/8
  • Lamp Type: 4-pin, low pressure, UVC Germicidal, low ozone
  • Power cable: 15 ft.  Long, hospital grade
  • Wheels: 3’ diameter, hospital grade, resilient monoprene
  • 8 High Intensity UV-C bulbs made with quartz glass angled at 4 degrees increases ceiling exposure
  • Unit produces efficient UVC output of 12 mJ/minute (0.18 mw/cm2)
  • Provides 99% reduction of MRSA in 10 seconds and Clostridium difficile in 1 minute at 10 feet
  • Open center for 360-degree radiation of 8 UVC bulbs
  • Disinfects components and small lab tools inside lab or room
  • User-friendly design
  • Optional Sensing Module and sensor keeps track of total cycle dosage
  • Optimized UVC output vs.  Power usage and cost for multiple units; ideal for larger or irregular shaped rooms
  • Disinfection by multiple units eliminate shadow areas
  • Lamp Guard has stainless steel protective lattice to protect lamps from accidental breakage
  • Safety features include: four motion sensors abort operation if motion is sensed in the room, emergency stop button, manual reset button, remote control push button
  • Applications: laboratory, research, healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing
  • Optional UV Sensor Module monitors and documents UVC dosage and disinfection process
  • DEMO AVAILABLE – Schedule a demonstration unit at your facility for no or low cost excluding freight. Please contact Evan Messenger at 714-578-6124 ([email protected])


Type: UV Tower

Width: 23"

Depth: 23"

Height: 68"

Unit of Measure: EA


Electrical Specifications: 110/240 V, 6 A, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 72 lb

Dimensions, Product: 23" W x 23" D x 68" H

Weight, Shipping: 250 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 48" W x 48" D x 84" H

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