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Overhead Stirrers
by Julabo

OSH.2 model with On-Touch Control
JULABO offers two overhead stirrer models with an LED/Knob Control (OSH.1) or an LCD/On-Touch Control (OSH.2) for use in standard lab or industrial batch stirring applications. Durable and sturdy models have a 50-liter capacity, built-in safety features and a brushless DC motor for long life. 

The OSH.2 model equipped with an RS232 port is an excellent solution for reaction stirring applications that need to be linked with other equipment.
  • Maximum torque (N x cm): 70
  • Maximum viscosity (cps):20,000
  • Maximum capacity (L):50
  • Brushless DC motor for long lifetime
  • Microprocessor control technology ensures accuracy and stability of the stirring speed
  • Totally enclosed and compact casing; quiet operation
  • Internal overload protection
  • Adjustable impeller shaft for different heights
  • Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
  • Suitable for applications in various environments
  • Ideal for use in large batch stirring applications within pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Includes: overhead stirrer, stand, rod, clamp and stainless steel impeller
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

OHS.1 and OHS.2 Overhead Stirrers with Knob or On-Touch Controls

Julabo Part # Description Display Control Mode Cat # Price
JRS.3090.01 OHS.1 Overhead Stirrer LED Knob 2541-42 Call TUI
JRS.3090.02 OHS.2 Overhead Stirrer LCD On-Touch 2541-43 Call TUI

Technical Specifications for Overhead Stirrers with LED or LCD Displays

Model OHS.1 with LED/Knob Control OHS.2 with LCD/On-Touch Control
Speed range 40 - 2000 rpm 20 - 2000 rpm
Maximum torque  70 (N x cm) 70 (N x cm)
Maximum viscosity (cps) 20,000 20,000 
Maximum capacity 50L 50L
Display/Control mode LED Digital Display / Knob Control LCD Digital Display / On-Touch Control
Manufacturer Warranty 1-Year 1-Year
Additional Features  
  • RS232 port for computer remote control (OSH.2)
  • Digital input /output ports and foot pedal port for various applications
  • Suitable for reaction system stirring or stirring applications linked to other equipment
  • Rotation speed can be lowered to 20 rpm for sensitive stirring processes
  • Reversible rotation
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