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Q125 Sonicator 
by QSonica

Ideal for labs consistently working with small samples, the compact Q125 Sonicator is designed for standard cell disruption, DNA/RNA shearing and homogenization. The Q125 features the same programming as the Q500 and a wide range of accessories are available. A power rating of 125 watts allows users to disrupt small volume samples with minimal heating. Accessories such as the Sound Enclosure minimize the noise level and protect operators.
Microprocessor based and programmable for DNA/RNA shearing and homogenization
  • Programmable operation: hands free operation with set time and amplitude
  • Pulse Mode: prevents heat build-up in temperature sensitive samples
  • Digital amplitude/intensity control: output intensity can be set from 20-100%
  • Elapsed time indicator: displays duration of sonication
  • Display of wattage and joules: real-time energy monitoring
  • Overload protection: protects circuitry (prevents damage) if a fault occurs
  • RoHS compliant: lead free components
  • Accessories: Probes, Cup and Tip Horns, Stand, Sound Enclosure Replacement Converter and Footswitch
Ordering Information

Q125 Sonicator with Microprocessor

QSonica Part# Description Cat. # Price
Q125-110 125 watt Sonicator, 110V, includes 1/8" probe
Includes: Generator, Converter, 1/8" (3mm) probe, power cable, converter cable, and wrench set
5323-14 $ 2,830
Q125A-110 125 watt Sonicator, 110V, without a probe 5323-15 $ 2,596
Technical Specifications for Q125 Sonicators
Microprocessor Control shows time and pulse modes
Dimensions 8"W x 13.75"D x 5.75"H
(203 x 349 x 146 mm)
Electrical 110V 50/60Hz
Power Rating 125 watts
Frequency 20 kHz
10 hours
Adjustable Pulse
1 second to 1 minute
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Accessories for Q125 Sonicators

Probes for Q125 Sonicators

QSonica Part# Processing Volume (ml) Tip Diameter (mm) Amplitude (µm) Cat. # Price
4423 0.2-5ml 5/64" (2mm) 200 (very high) 5323-09 $ 274
4422 0.5-15ml 1/8" (3.2mm) 180 (high) 5323-10 $ 243
4435 10-50ml 1/4" (6.4mm) 120 (medium) 5323-11 $ 238
Q125 Probes
Probes in three processing volumes
Available in three tips diameters, Q125 sonication probes are made from titanium to precise dimensions allowing the probes to be driven at their resonant frequencies.

This causes the probe to expand and contract longitudinally and propagate down the length of the probe causing cavitations within the liquid.
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Cup Horn and Multi-Tip Probe Options for Q125 Sonicators

QSonica Part# Description Cat. # Price
4602 8 Tip Horn 5323-17 $ 990
4608 1.5" Cup Horn 5323-18 $ 787
462 Tube holder for Cup Horn (1.5ml Eppendorf tubes) 5323-23 $ 45
456 Tube holder for Cup Horn (1.5ml Evergreen tubes) 5323-24 $ 45
Q125 Probes
8 Tip Horn
Q125 Probes
Cup Horn
The 8-tip probe accessory allows the simultaneous processing of up to eight samples. The 1/8" tips are spaced 11/32" (9mm) apart allowing for easy insertion into sample tubes.

This accessory reduces any possible variance that may exist due to alterations in sonication parameters between samples.
Cup horns provide indirect sonication and function as high-intensity water baths. The cup horn features two ports that can be used to connect the device to an external coolant source to minimize sample heating. In addition, the cup horn can be used with sealed vials and tubes to avoid the risk of cross-contamination by preventing direct contact between the sonicator and the sample. A Sound Enclosure is recommended to reduce the noise level.
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Converter Holders, Sound Enclosures and Footswitch for Q125 Sonicator

QSonica Part# Description Compatible Cat. # Price
460 Support Stand with Converter Holder Q125 5323-13 $ 108
432A Sound Enclosure with Converter Holder 5323-19 $ 639
CL18 Replacement Converter 5323-20 $ 729
4026 Open end wrench (requires 2) 5323-21 $ 4
4004 Footswitch Qsonica
5323-22 $ 76
Q125 Probes
Support Stand
Q125 Probes
Replacement Converter
Q125 Probes
Footswitch Converter
Q125 Sound enclosure
Sound Enclosure
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