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Revco Plasma Freezers
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

#1536-88 Meets AABB, ANRD and FDA guidelines for plasma storage
Ideal for use in regulated labs Revco Plasma Freezers are high-performance models that meet AABB, ANRC and FDA standards for safety and performance in plasma storage. The auto defrost eliminates the need for timers and optimizes coil efficiency while the positive airflow system ensures quick recovery after door openings. Five capacity sizes offer a solution to labs of all sizes and storage volume requirements. Contact at 714-578-6016 for pricing and information.
  • Automatic defrost, positive airflow and preset temperature of -30°C (-22°F) safely stores plasma and eliminates need for defrost timer, minimizes frost build-up and optimizes coil efficiency
  • Meets AABB, ANRC and FDA guidelines for plasma storage
  • Positive, forced-air circulation maintains uniformity at all shelf levels and ensures quick recovery after door openings
  • Lockable system control for added security
  • Undercounter model available with 1" access port
  • Icon-based controls and large digital display shows temperature within 1°C
  • Graphic thermometer flashes red to indicate overtemperature and undertemperature; remains green when temperature is normal
  • Audible/visual warnings for Overtemperature, undertemperature or power failure
  • Models include drawers and 4 casters (2 locking and 2 non-locking); built-in inkless chart recorders available with space saver and upright models only
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts and Labor; additional 2-years on compressor only
Ordering Information

Revco High-Performance Plasma Freezers Meet AABB, ANRC and FDA Guidelines 

Thermo Fisher
Scientific Part#
Capacity Cabinet Type Door Drawers Cat. # Price
UFP430A 4.9 cu. ft. 139L Undercounter Single Solid 2 1536-85 Call TUI
UFP1230A 11.5 cu. ft. 326L Space Saver* 7 1536-86 Call TUI
UFP2330A 23.3 cu. ft. 659L Upright* 1536-87 Call TUI
UFP3030A 29.2 cu. ft. 826L 1536-88 Call TUI
UFP5030A 51.1 cu. ft. 1447L Double Solid 14 1536-89 Call TUI
*Space Saver and Upright units include an inkless seven day graphic chart recorder
Compare Specifications and see available Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers for Revco Plasma Freezers

 #1719-92 Stainless Steel Drawer Dividers
Stainless steel drawer dividers maximize the storage capacity of Revco Plasma Freezers and Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators.
  • Four column dividers for: 4.9, 23.3 and 51.1 cu. ft. models
  • Five column dividers for 29.2 cu. ft. models
Thermo Fisher
Scientific Part#
Description Column Compatible with Revco
Plasma Freezers
Cat. # Price
6206 Drawer Dividers for 23.3 and 51.1 cu. ft. capacities 4 UFP2330AUFP5030A 1719-92 $ 151
6963 Drawer Dividers for 29.2 cu. ft. capacity 5 UFP3030A 1719-93 $ 171
7027 Drawer Dividers for 4.9 and 11.5 cu. ft. capacities 4 UFP430AUFP1230A 1719-94 $ 175
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Specifications for Revco Plasma Freezers for Regulated Labs

Model UFP430A UFP1230A UFP2330A UFP3030A UFP5030A
Capacity 4.9 cu. ft./139L 11.5 cu. ft./326L 23.3 cu. ft./659L 29.2 cu. ft./826L 51.1 cu. ft./1447L
Cabinet Type Undercounter Space Saver Upright
Plasma Box
Capacity (250ml)
78 273 532 665 1064
Drawer Dividers 2 Included 7 Included 14 Included
Doors/Type Single/Solid Double/Solid
Shipping Weight 212 lbs. (96 kg) 365 lbs. (166 kg) 425 lbs. (193 kg) 580 lbs. (263 kg) 600 lbs. (295 kg)
20"W x 20.5"D x 20"H
(508 x 521 x 508 mm)
20"W x 21"D x 52.4"H
(508 x 533 x 1331 mm)
24"W x 29"D x 58"H
(610 x 229 x 1473 mm)
30"W x 29"D x 58"H
(762 x 737 x 1473 mm)
52.5"W x 29"D x 58"H
(1336 x 737 x 1473 mm)
24"W x 29"D x 34"H
(610 x 734 x 864 mm)
24"W x 29.3"D x 73.6"H
(610 x 744 x 1869 mm)
28"W x 37.2"D x 79.2"H
(711 x 945 x 2012 mm)
36.4"W x 37.2"D x 79.2"H
(925 x 945 x 2012 mm)
56.5"W x 37.2"D x 79.2"H
(1435 x 945 x 2012 mm)
Plug 5-15P 5-20P
Access Port 1" Access Port -
Chart  Recorder
- Yes
Operating Temp. -30°C (-22 °F)
Compressor Heavy-duty, industrial-grade, hermetically sealed
High impact powder paint coating
Defrost Automatic
Insulation CFC-Free
Temp. Control Microprocessor
Refrigerant CFC Free
Additional Features
  • Battery backup system with audible low battery alarm ensures sample integrity in the event of power loss
  • Heavy-duty, industrial-grade, hermetically sealed compressors and automatic condensate removal and defrost systems
  • Full-length door handles and adjustable leveling feet
  • Key-operated OFF/ON/ALARM for setpoint security
  • Push-button alarm test, remote alarm contacts, alarm silence, ring back, auto reset and controller battery backup system
Compliance Meet UL requirements; TUV criteria; AABB, ANRC, and FDA guidelines
Electrical 115 volts, 60 Hz
Warranty 2-year warranty on parts and labor with an additional 2-years on compressor only
*Height dimensions without caster installation
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Industry and Applications for -30°C High-Performance Plasma Freezers

Lockable doors available on all Revco Plasma Freezers


Ideal for use in hospitals, physician's offices, blood banks and clinical labs, Revco Plasma Freezers provide reliable short-term and long-term storage of plasma bags and samples. These units are an ideal storage solution for blood banks performing blood separation. The positive airflow system enables optimum temperature stability and models recover factory-preset temperature quickly after door openings.

Safety features such as audio/visual alarms and lockable doors give labs an added layer of safety and security.

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