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Plasmid DNA Purification Kits
by Arrayit

20 percent higher yield
20% higher yield
Arrayit’s single column Plasmid Purification Kits are ideal for life science applications and DNA microarray that require high-end PCR, DNA sequencing and cloning. These kits perform on low copy number and high molecular weight plasmids.
  • Available in 50 and 250 reaction packages
  • 20% higher yield compared to competitors
  • High quality DNA yields support all downstream applications
  • Process up to 6ml of bacterial culture
  • Eliminates multiple specialized agent kits
  • Use for all Gram-negative and E. coli bacterial cultures
  • Kits include: reagents, buffers columns and handbook
Ordering Information
Arrayit Part # Description Cat. # Price
PDP50 Plasmid DNA Purification Kit, 50 reactions 3032-43 $ 168
PDP250 Plasmid DNA Purification Kit, 250 reactions 3032-44 $ 483

Additional Features:
  • Error between parallel preparations is <5%
  • Performs well in a wide range of temperatures and relative humidity
  • Store kits at room temperature (20 – 25° C)
  • Quicker, simplified protocol
  • Nuclease-free and sterile
  • One-year shelf life from date of purchase

Short Protocol for Plasmid DNA Purification Kit
  • Centrifuge culture at >13,000 rpm for 30-60 seconds
  • Use 250 µl buffer 1 to re-suspend pellet
  • Mix with 250 µl buffer 2
  • Mix with 350 µl buffer 3
  • Centrifuge at >13,000 rpm for 7 minutes
  • Decant supernatant in mini Spin column, then centrifuge at >13,000 rpm for 30 seconds
  • Wash column using 700 µl buffer 4 (30 seconds>13,000 rpm)
  • Dry membrane by spinning at >13,000 rpm for 1 minute
  • Pipette 30-100 µl buffer 5 or water onto membrane, then incubate for one minute
  • Centrifuge at >13,000 rpm for 1 minute

Total protocol time: 15 minutes for 2 x 2 ml of culture; 45 minutes for 20 parallel preparations

side by side comparisonArrayit’s Plasmid DNA Purification Kits vs. Leading Competitor
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plamid dna preperationsProduces High quality plasmid DNA preparations
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low and high molecular plasmidsPerforms well on low copy and high molecular size plasmids
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e. coli cloning strains Use on all E. coli cloning strains

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Shows data of low copy number plasmids from E. coli and other bacteriaShows low copy number plasmids from E. coli and other bacteria
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