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Arrayit Reference mRNA and Labeled cDNA
by Arrayit

Arrayit Reference mRNA and Labeled cDNA by Arrayit
Arrayit offers high-quality Reference mRNA and Labeled cDNA derived from a diverse sample selection of human, mouse and rat tissues. They are used as a common denominator in comparative studies of gene expression data and control hybridizations. Products are compatible with Arrayit and other manufacturer microarray labeling systems. Items are manufactured in bulk to minimize lot-to-lot variation. These amplification and labeling products provide a broader gene representation over competing products. 

mRNA: human, mouse and rat tissues

  • 30 µg total mRNA in a 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, concentration 1µg/µl
  • Provides excellent normalization standard for accurate and reproducible comparisons of gene expression data
  • Proprietary blend of amplified high-quality mRNA
  • Purified from diverse human, mouse and rat tissues
  • High purity mRNA guaranteed; free of contamination 
  • Used in normalization standards for single and multicolor hybridization systems, real-time PCR amplification efficiency and standardization studies
cDNA: Cy3 and Cy5
  • 2 µg of labeled cDNA, dried down and packed under nitrogen in a light-proof tube
  • Reference Cy-3 and Cy-5 provide excellent normalization standards 
  • Fluorescently labeled Human cDNA offered as a reference material for microarray, RT-PCR and QRT-PCR applications hybridization experiments on DNA microarrays
  • Labeled with amino allyl modified nucleotides and conjugated to intensely fluorescent Cy3 and Cy5 dye
  • Used for normalization standards in two-color hybridization experiments

Ordering Information
Arrayit Part # Description Cat. # Price
HFC3 Arrayit Human Universal Reference Cy3-labeled cDNA (2.0µg) 3033-64 $ 394
HFC5 Arrayit Human Universal Reference Cy5-labeled cDNA (2.0µg) 3033-65 $ 394
URH Arrayit Human Universal Reference mRNA (30µg) 3033-66 $ 524
URM Arrayit Mouse Universal Reference mRNA (30µg) 3033-67 $ 524
URR Arrayit Rat Universal Reference mRNA (30µg) 3033-68 $ 524
Note: Products must be stored   at -80°C. Product is stable for 6 months at specified temperature. Minimize freeze-thaw of product. Use RNAse free tips to split product into single use size aliquots and store in vials

Measuring Fluorescent Intensities
Arrayit Reference mRNA and Labeled cDNA by Arrayit  

Cy-3 and Cy-5 labeled Human cDNAs hybridized to a DNA microarray slide (inset: bottom right). These data clearly demonstrate the strong correlation between Cy-3 and Cy-5 labeled Universal Human mRNA from Arrayit.

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