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RapidWash™ Microplate Washer
by Hudson Robotics

The RapidWash Plate Washer
The RapidWash Microplate Washer
The RapidWash in a compact, SOLO-based ELISA workstation
The RapidWash, with touchscreen controller,
in a compact SOLO-based ELISA workstation
The RapidWash offers performance that serious researchers with demanding needs will value.
  • Low residual volume: <2µL per well
  • Programmable nozzle insertion/exit rates
  • Touch screen controller
  • Programmable up to 2 wash buffer sources
  • High dispense precision: 2% CV at 100µL per well
  • High speed: less than 9 seconds to fill/aspirate a 96-well microplate
  • Available in 192- and 96-nozzle dispense/wash heads
  • Dispense pressure: 9 to 15 psi
  • SoftLinx lab automation software makes it easy to program and operate work cells

Hudson’s high-speed RapidWash Microplate Washer for 96-well and 384-well microplates offers high-throughput washing for ELISAs, cellular assays, and other processes requiring washing and aspirating. Yet it is the smallest (9.25"W x 15"D footprint) automated washer on the market and fits comfortably in all robotic workcells—even on cramped lab benches.



Low-throughput microplate washer by Jencons

Ordering Information
RapidWash Microplate Washer Ordering Chart
Description Vendor Cat No. Cat. # Price
RapidWash High-Speed Microplate Washer 520001 3030-25 $ 14,285
Description Vendor Cat No. Cat. # Price
RapidWash – Tracklink automated plate-loading mechanism 520010 3030-26 $ 1,365
The RapidWash handles both deep-well and standard plates.
Deep-well plates Standard plates
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