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Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser
by Hudson Robotics

Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser
Hudson’s Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser is a compact 8- and 12-channel high-throughput, accurate bulk reagent dispenser for microplates.
  • Conserves bench space with its small, 7"x10" footprint
  • Graphical Image Row Selection to control the dispensing pattern
  • 96-, 384-, 1536-filling, standard and deep-well
  • Tip-touch to control droplets
  • Autoclavable fluid path assures sterility
  • SoftLinx lab automation software makes it easy to program and operate work cells

The Micro10x accurately dispenses volumes down to 2µL per channel and provides features like tip-touchoff to ensure a clean, full dispense of even high surface-tension liquids. Its positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in 10nL increments and never requires calibration.

The Micro10x can be loaded and operated manually, but it is also fully compatible with robot-loading systems, such as Hudson’s PlateCrane or track-based microplate delivery systems, such as Hudson’s LabLinx, for unparalleled throughput and ease of set-up.

Ordering Information
Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser
Meta Title Cat. # Price
Micro10x Robotic Dispenser - includes manual/robot load station and Lablinx track mount (add choice of Dispense Manifold) 3030-10 Call TUI
Dispense Manifold (8-Channel) 3030-11 Call TUI
Dispense Manifold (12-Channel) 3030-12 Call TUI
Adapter for Dispense Manifold for Pre-Existing MC10x 3030-13 Call TUI
Micro10x 4-Fluid Valve Option — permits switching among up to 4 different reagent reservoirs 3030-14 Call TUI
Micro10x 10-Fluid Valve Option — permits switching among up to 10 different reagent reservoirs (RS-232 control requires SoftLinx to control) 3030-15 Call TUI
Manual Load Fixture 3030-16 Call TUI
Lablinx Side Mount 3030-17 Call TUI
Nest Bracket 3030-18 Call TUI
Mounting Adapters for VaryVac — fits Micro10x 3030-19 Call TUI
Pump and Housing Assembly for Micro10x 3030-20 Call TUI

Additional Features
The Micro10x is a small, dependable tool for quickly adding all types of liquids evenly across standard microplates. When connected to the Hudson SOLO robotic pipettor, which can add different test compounds into each well, virtually any assay can be prepared.

It is well-suited to use in ELISA applications as a dispenser of conjugate and stop solutions. Its high speed and robot compatibility make it ideal for ELISAs that require consistent processing of many hundreds of plates. Its self-priming feature allows it to maintain consistently clear dispense nozzles even during long plate-incubation times.

Dispense Volumes: • 5µL and up: below 2% CV
• 2 – 5µL: below 5% CV
Electrical: 115/220VAC, 0.5A
Calibration: holds factory calibration for >50 million cycles
Sterilization: a fully-autoclavable liquid path
Configuration: available in both landscape (12-nozzle dispensing) and portrait (8-nozzle dispensing) style
Pump Options: offers 2 different pump sizes (0.25" or 0.375" barrel)
Dimensions: 15.8"H x 7.0"W x 10.1"D
Typical Dispense Times for an Entire Plate: • 15 seconds – 96-well plate, 100µL per well
• 24 seconds – 384-well plate, 25µL per well

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser by Hudson Robotics
Information on standard features and design of the Micro10x Robotic Reagent Dispenser by Hudson Robotics. Product specifications included.
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