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InnuPure® C96 Automated Extraction System
by Analytik Jena

Fully automated nucleic acid extraction system with a 96 sample capacity
The InnuPure® C96 is a benchtop unit that provides labs with high-throughput automated and efficient extraction of nucleic acids from a vast array of starting materials. Utilizing magnetic particle separation technology, the C96 eliminates arduous sample preparation and lysis steps. The InnuPure® C96 is ideally suited for clinical, forensic, and high-throughput research applications.
  • Provides extremely high-yield automated extraction of nucleic acids from a host of starting materials
  • Precision pipette head extracts (isolates) RNA or DNA from 96 samples in parallel
  • Absorption of isolation material to magnetic or paramagnetic particles
  • PC controlled user interface with preprogrammed protocols based on starting material and target molecule
  • Optimized lysis by using an integratable thermal shaker
  • Extremely pure nucleic acid yields
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Provides real time status
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty

InnuPure® C96 High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Extraction

Analytik Jena Part # Description Cat # Price
845-00003-2 InnuPure® C96 Instrument system without PC, includes PC operating software 1014-63 Call TUI
Contact a Sales Representative at 714-578-6016 for information regarding the optional HEPA filter and UV lamp. 

Technical Specifications for InnuPure® C96 with Magnetic Force Separation

Dimensions (WxDxH) 27.2 x 15.8 x 31.9 in. (690 x 400 x 810 mm)
Electrical Internal power supply 100 - 240 V/50 - 60 Hz
Instrument controls PC controlled (software provided; order PC separately)
Number of samples 96
Liquid handling  96 channel precision pipetting head
Pipette tips 1000 µl 
Plate transfer 4 function positions in the device - Linear, movable 2 position wagon
Temperature Control Automated heating position
Extraction Principle Magnetic and paramagnetic bead adsorption
Lysis  Automated in the device
Extraction Routines Preinstalled protocols (optimized for a variety of starting materials)
Elution Volume Adjustable volume (50 - 500 µl)
Decontamination Manual decontamination from front facing opening; optional HEPA filter and UV lamp
Extraction time From 45 minutes
Allowable sample amount up to 2mL or 50mg
PC Interface USB
Other Features
Warranty 2-years
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Features and Benefits of InnuPure C66 Automated Extraction System

The InnuPure® C96 features a 96-postion pipette head that simultaneously pipettes reagents into all wells. This removes any small degree of variance that may be introduced by smaller pipette heads that require more time to aliquot reagents to your sample plate. 
High-throughput with 96-position pipette head

The user-friendly software of the InnuPure C96 is an efficient solution in many labs and research institutions. Preprogrammed standard methods easily configure protocols to specific applications and the clear user interface shows schematic and graphical charts, instructions and step-by-step active extraction.

Available Accessories and Kits
Adapter for Reagent Strips: Up to 4 Reagent Strips
Perforation Tool: Easy perforation of sealing foil
Barcodereader: Scans sample ID
UV-Lamp: Interior decontamination
Kits: DNA Isolation, RNA Extraction, Different starting materials


Benchtop Unit with user-friendly software

The InnuPure C96 combines reliable technology with their patented extraction chemistry for high-quality nucleic acid yields in 5 simple steps. The system elutes nucleic acid in separate vessels for direct storage.
  1. Lysis of starting material:
    • Mechanical-thermal decomposition
    • Proteolytic digestion
    • Lysozyme digestion
  2. Automated binding of nucleic acid to magnetic particles
  3. Washes magnetic particles and the bound nucleic acids
  4. Dries magnetic particles
Streamlines DNA and RNA isolation
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