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InnuPure® C16 Automated Extraction System
by Analytik Jena

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Automated nucleic acid isolation and purification
Designed with a patented extraction chemistry and contamination free operation, the InnuPure C16 provides laboratories with automated and efficient small to medium throughput extraction of nucleic acids. The InnuPure C16 eliminates sample preparation and lysis steps by combining precise liquid handling steps and fast walk-away principles.
  • For automated extraction of nucleic acids from a host of starting materials
  • Extracts RNA or DNA from 16 samples in parallel
  • Isolated nucleic acids absorbed onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles allowing high yield isolation of very pure nucleic acids
  • Provides extremely pure nucleic acid yields
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Automated transfer of eluates to capped tubes for storage
  • Adjustable elution volumes for optimal concentration
  • Extraction procedure: stringent, powerful lysis, novel binding buffer system, effective collection, gentle washing and adjustable elution volumes
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

InnuPure C16 Automated Extraction System

Analytik Jena
Part #
Description Cat # Price
845-00002-2 InnuPure C16 Automated Extraction System
user interface HID-Pro 320, Priming Station and Sample Tray for 2 Reagent Plates
1011-94 Call TUI
See Optional Accessories, Features and Benefits, Technical Specifications

Additional Features: 
  • HID-pro 320 with standalone operation eliminates the guess work when developing extraction procedures resulting inhighly reproducible and pure nucleic acid yields; PC based system operates in a Windows CE environment; clearly structured menu, real-time display of current extraction; USB interface for easy software update and isolation protocols upload
  • Applications: many downstream spectrophotometric analyses, gel electrophoresis, real-time PCR, forensic samples, isolate genomic DNA and viral or bacterial nucleic acids
  • Wide range of reagent kits available based on starting material 
  • Touchscreen user interface with preprogrammed protocols
  • Optional UV decontamination lamp

Optional Accessories and Replacement Parts for InnuPure C16

Analytik Jena Part # Description Cat # Price
845-60004-0 Priming Station 1011-95 Call TUI
845-60005-0 Sample Tray 1011-96 Call TUI
845-60006-0 Adapter for 4 Reagent Strips 1011-97 Call TUI
845-60007-0 Piercing Tool (for perforation of sealed consumables) 1011-98 Call TUI
845-60008-0 UV lamp 1011-99 Call TUI

Video of InnuPure C16 Automated Extraction System

Watch the efficient, flexible and smooth operation of the compact InnuPure C16. By combining a liquid handling method and the convenient fast walk-away principle of nucleic acid isolation and purification, the InnuPure C16 introduces a new and simpler way for labs to work with DNA/RNA processes that avoids cross-contamination.
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Technical Specifications of InnuPure C16 Automated Extraction System

Sample Capacity 16 samples in parallel
Processes different starting materials with identical pipetting protocols
Sample Handling Single providing of tips, samples and Elution Tube into Sample Tray
Insertion of pre-filled Reagent Strips and/or Plates into Sample Tray
Sample Amount Up to 2 ml or up to 50 mg
Elution Separate container with cover
Elution Volume 50 - 500 μl
System Parameters
Extraction Time Minimum 40 minutes (depending on starting material)
Drive 5 quiet long-life servomotors
Instrument Controls Stand-alone (HID-Pro 320 with 5.7" color touchscreen)
Maintenance Maintenance-free with assignment of wearless high grade steel pistons
Cleaning Easy to access and clean system components via front door
Temperature Control Heated position up to 50°C inside the sample
Operation Principle Magnetic and paramagnetic particle adsorption; binds nucleic acids onto beads for extraction
Application Parameters
Consumables Kit contains all consumables; Sealed, pre-filled Reagent Strips or Plates for DNA isolation, RNA extraction and different starting materials
Lysis Step Automated inside device (depending on starting material)
Extraction Routines Pre-programed protocols (optimized for different starting materials)
Piercing Function Yes. Eliminates need to remove sealing foil from Reagent Strips and Plates
Cross-Contamination Avoids cross-contamination with sealed Reagent Strips and Plates and the waste box
Filter Tip Volume Maximum 32 one per preparation with 1000 μl
Other Technical Data
Dimensions (WxDxH) 15 x 20.9 x 17.1 in. (380 mm x 530 mm x 435 mm)
Weight 15 x 20.9 x 17.1 in. (28 kg)
Electrical Internal power supply: 110 - 230V/50 - 60 Hz
PC Interface USB
Warranty 2-years
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Features and Benefits of InnuPure C16 Automated Extraction System

HID-pro 320 with 5.7" color touchscreen for highly reproducible and pure nucleic acid yields Sample-loading tray utilizes pre-filled reagent kits with multiple or single sample extraction protocols
5.7” touchscreen includes pre-installed protocols and elution volume adjustment Integrated soft-touch feature for easy loading of sample tray
Ensures precise transfer of solutions with no carryover Aerosol filter with 1 mm pipette tip produces pure working conditions
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