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ILMVAC Biovac 106
—Safe aspiration of biological samples

ILMVAC biovac aspiration system
  • Fully integrated aspiration system
  • Built-in filter housing for bacteriological containment
  • Autoclavable 2 liter flask with self-isolating connectors
  • Chemically resistant vacuum pump and lines

The Biovac 106 Aspiration System features a borosilicate catch pot that is easily disconnected for autoclaving. An integrated filter housing holds select filters down to 0.22 µm to protect both the user and the pump from contaminates. The catch pot includes a shutoff valve that stops the vacuum when the catch pot is full. The vacuum is controlled from the versatile hand piece that accepts many commonly available tips, and the ultra-quiet chemically free life for the system.

An optional footswitch can also be added to control the on/off function of the pump.

Our larger Fluivac system with a 5 liter collection flask is also available for multi-user installations.

Model Biovac 106 Fluivac 105
Maximum Vacuum <150 mbar <100 mbar
Flow Rate 12 l/min 63 l/min
Overall Dimensions (mm)
357 x 145 x 277 336 x 300 x 605
Weight 18 lbs
8.2 kg.
29 lbs
13.2 kg.
Noise Level <45 dBA <47 dBA
Mains Supply 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz 115V 50/60 Hz
ILMVAC Part # 112037 112007
Cat. # 7906-15 7906-16
Price $ 1,548 $ 2,092
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