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Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Processor
by Hudson Robotics

Dry Blood Spot Processor
Punch, insert, and create your plate map automatically and electronically into a 96-well microplate with Hudson’s Dried Blood Spot Processor. It then creates an accurate record on a computer disk of the location of each sample.
  • Uses standard-height, 96-well SBS-compatible microplates
  • Includes control computer loaded with DBS Control Software
  • Barcode verification ensures accuracy
  • SoftLinx lab automation software makes it easy to program and operate work cells

Use the DBS for all tests that utilize a dried sample spot, including neonatal, HIV, and hemoglobin testing. The DBS is also adaptable to other applications that require a solid sample to be placed into plates, such as leaf samples.

The DBS consists of an electrically-activated pneumatic punch, a computer-controlled table to position the microplate, and two barcode scanners. It automatically links the sample identification with the plate location. The resulting work list or plate map can be printed out at the workcell, or networked into your laboratory information system.

Ordering Information
Dried Blood Spot Processor
  Cat. # Price
Dried Blood Spot Processor 3030-40 Call TUI
Dried Blood Spot Processor System Control Computer 3030-41 Call TUI

The Dried Spot Processor can be used in many medical applications, including:

  • HIV Testing
  • Neonatal Testing
  • A1C Hemoglobin Testing
  • Dry Blood Spot Testing
  • Leaf Punching
  • Any punchable web material

Additional Features:

  • Easily creates an accurate plate map
  • Positive insertion into plate well avoids static charge effects on dry days
  • Reduces carpal tunnel stress
  • Reduces exposure to potential biohazards
  • 3 seconds to punch spot, reposition plate

Additional Specifications:

  • Punch sizes 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4-inch diameter standard; custom sizes by special order
  • Includes footswitch for “hands-free” punch activation
  • Printer – optional
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC, 5A
  • Utilities: 60-80 psi air

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) Dried Blood Spot Processor by Hudson Robotics
Information on standard features and design of the Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Processor by Hudson Robotics. Product specifications included.
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