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190-1100 nmPrinter IncludedNo3 nm1 SampleL7110187 5102-02 46912 $7,53110-20 Days2
190-1100 nmSD Card IncludedNo3 nm1 SampleL7110188 5102-03 46913 $6,81710-20 Days3
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21 CFR Part 11
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Product Details

  • Economical and portable LAMBDA™ Bio+ Spectrophotometers by Perkin Elmer deliver rapid scanning, kinetics and concentration modes of DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotides
  • Available with a printer or an SD card
  • Compatible with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Applications: DNA, RNA, concentration and purity, Oligonucleotide methods, protein methods (direct UV, BCA, Bradford, Lowry, Buiret) and cell-density measurements
  • Provides accurate results with curve fitting featuring up to nine standards in triplicate
  • Features: large backlit LCD screen, ultra-fast initialization in less than three seconds, split-beam eliminates instrument drift from excessive heat, 90 stored methods
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 13.6.69 x 38 x 12.99 in. (340 x 170 x 330 mm)
  • Display dimensions: 4.52 x 3,46 in. (115 x 88 mm)
  • Interface: Xenon Flash
  • Maximum/Minimum Temperature: 35 °C/15 °C
  • Technology: UV/Vis
  • Light source: Pulsed Xenon lamp
  • Stored Capacity: 9
  • Wave length: 190 to 1100 nm
  • Scanning Range 200 to 950 nm

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Science Methods and Specifications

More Information

Economical and compact with a streamlined design, LAMBDA Bio+ UV/Vis Spectrophotometers are specially designed for molecular biology, biotech labs and life-science laboratories. LAMBDA Bio+ has a robust, maintenance-free design that requires no warm-up time and performs with an ultra-fast initialization that captures a full range of spectrum in less than three seconds.

Full suite of Life-Science Methods:
  • DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotide calculations and protein assays (direct UV measurement, BCA, Biuret, Bradford, Lowry and cell density measurement)
  • Calculates protein concentrations, Bradford methods and cell density
  • Measures absorbance or concentration at any wavelength
  • Multiplies data acquired at a defined wavelength by a user selected constant
  • Performs rapid scanning, kinetics and concentration modes of operation to broaden the range of available applications
  • Kinetics mode: plot absorbance vs. time and the correlation coefficient to a rate of reaction by automatically multiplying by a factor
  • Allow users to perform manual alarm tests.
Data Management
LAMBDA Bio+ Spectrophotometers are available with an integrated printer or a built-in USB port for efficient data management. Model #L7110187 with an integrated printer conveniently prints out calibration, data, time and date results on a standard 57 mm printer roll. Model #L7110188 with a built-in USB port connects to a PC for rapid data transfer or printout using the included print utility, software and cable. Printing and storing data via an SD flash memory card or Bluetooth connection module is also available as an option. The on-board software provides fast results and enables users to save customized methods or choose from pre-loaded measurement modes.
Wavelength Range190-1100 nm
Spectral bandwidth5 nm
Scanning Range200-950 nm
CalibrationAutomatic (when unit is ON)
Display dimensions4.52 x 3,46 in. (115 x 88 mm)
KeypadSealed membrane keypad
OutputsUSB, SD Card (optional), Bluetooth (optional) or printer (optional)
Absorbance Range-0.3 to 2.5 A
Bandwidth3 nm
Stray Light:0.5% T at 220 and 340 nm
Wavelength Accuracy±2nm
Photometric Reproducibility±0.002A at 0-0.5A, 546 nm
Stored Methods90
Stored Capacity9
Outputs:Printer or SD Card
Dimensions (WxDxH)260 mm x 390 mm x1 00 mm
Weight<4.5 kg

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