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DI+ Water Pretreatment System
from Thermo Scientific

Water Pretreatment System
Water Pretreatment System Dispenser
Dispenser is included with system
  • Quick pure deionized water for your steam sterilizer
  • Removes calcium, magnesium and other ionic impurities that can harm your steam sterilizer
  • Remote dispenser provides pure water on demand

This water pretreatment system rapidly provides the pure deionized (DI) water needed for steam sterilizers like the MC8 and MC10. It provides water nearly free of mineral ions and anions through a dispenser at your request. The unit produces up to four liters of pure water per minute, and it's economical at 23 cents per gallon.

Product Features

  • Easy to set up—quick fitting connectors connect directly to your faucet—requires no power
  • Compact—mounts to the wall for easy installation
  • Fast—produces up to 4 liters of pure water per minute
  • Reliable—Thermo Scientific Barnstead has been in the pure water market for over 125 years—trust the water expert
  • Low Cost—23 cents per gallon cost based on average tap water (171 ppm)
  • No need to store containers of distilled water
  • Connect a DI+ system to your water source and pure water is available at your request
  • The new DI+ system incorporates nuclear grade resin enclosed in virgin polypropylene canister to purify tap water


  • Pura-lite notifies user when it is time to install new cartridge
  • Simple Maintenance—quarter-turn quick release canister
  • The DI+ water system provides pre-treated water for your steam sterilizer at the push of a button
Treatment System Thermo Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
DI+, Dispenser, Pura-lite and Cartridge AY1273X4 1802-07 $ 969
DI+ Replacement Cartridge D0803 3613-66 $ 95
Pura-line Water Meter E3450 1802-09 $ 213

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Thermo Scientific Pretreatment Selector Guide
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