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Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens by Thermo Fisher Scientific has a maximum temperature of  280°C feature
Maximum Temperature: 280°C
  • Hydraulic thermostat controls temperatures up to 280°C
  • Radiant warm-wall heating enhances temperature uniformity
  • Externally isolated heaters maximize safety, chamber space
  • Comes with 24-month warranty

The Hi-Temp “Squaroid” Duo-Vac® Ovens feature the efficiency and convenience you expect in a high-temperature oven.

Chamber Dimensions
W x D x H
W x D x H
Net Wt
Watts Amps
Thermo Fisher Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
10 x 11.5 x 10
(254 x 292 x 254)
18 x 17.5 x 23
(457 x 445 x 584)
1700 8 120 3625A 3700-39 $ 6,290
4.2 240 3625A-1 3700-40 $ 6,437
12 x 18 x 12
(305 x 457 x 305)
23 x 26 x 22
(584 x 660 x 559)
(0.4 m³
1400 12 120 3628A 3700-41 $ 6,478
6 240 3628A-1 3700-42 $ 6,400

Radiant Warm-Wall Heating: Safe, Efficient, Convenient

Radiant warm-wall heating provides uniform heating and cooling and eliminates the hazards associated with open-wire heaters. Because the heaters are clamped to the outside of the oven chamber, these ovens also offer greater working space.

A hydraulic thermostat controls temperatures up to a maximum of 280°C. A programmable safety thermostat provides automatic temperature control back up in the event the primary thermostat fails. The dial thermometer located inside the chamber can be easily read through the tempered glass viewing window.

Top-Mounted Panel Places all Controls at Eye Level

Vacuum is precisely controlled to nearly 30" Hg. The door includes a tempered glass (borosilicate) window, secure latch and continuous gasket for a tight seal. Vacuum relief (vent) and control valves are located on the front of the unit; they connect to separate lines into the chamber to allow the introduction or air or inert gas if desired. The vacuum line fitting, located on the rear wall, requires .25" (6 mm) OD copper tubing.

The chamber interior is stainless steel; the exterior is heavy gauge steel finished with baked polyester. Three inches of glass wool insulation ensure minimum heat loss from the chamber. The two-piece shelf assembly has two solid aluminum shelves, improving heat conduction to the samples.

Controls include the primary control and adjustable safety thermostats, vacuum relief and control valves, vacuum gauge (which reads up to 30" Hg), power switch and resettable circuit breaker.

These ovens are for sale in the U.S. only.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) Vacuum Ovens Portfolio by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Provides a detailed overview of several lines of vacuum ovens available from Thermo Fisher Scientific. It describes key benefits and features, available options, and specifications for each model line.
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