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EASYpure RoDi
from Thermo Scientific

  • Type I water from tap feed
  • Produces 800 ml/min. of Type I water on demand
  • Fully self-contained with automatic operation

This compact unit allows you to produce Type I Water from tap water in one system, resulting in water that exceeds ASTM Type I standards. The unit is fully self-contained and produces 800ml/minute of Type I water on demand. Pump is whisper quiet.

EASYpure RoDi
Description Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
Start-Up Kit* D502132 3613-31 $ 444
Cartridge Kit D502133 3613-32 $ 257
Bracket, Wall Mount D13324 3613-33 Call TUI
NOTE: Start-Up Kit is required.

Design Advantages

  • Produce Type I water from tap water with one system
  • Compact design gives you an ultrapure water source within easy reach
  • Produces water that exceeds ASTM Type I standards with resistivities up to 18.2 megohm-cm and < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon content
  • Recirculation of water between the reservoir, the cartridge and UV lamp ensure water that meets your most demanding applications—when you need it
  • Microprocessor controlled purity monitor provides a digital reading of the water purity exiting the system
  • Monitoring system alerts you to vital information including membrane performance and when it is time to change the pretreatment cartridge
  • 6.5 liter non-contaminating internal reservoir incorporates an air filter to prevent airborne impurities from contaminating the water during storage
  • High flow reverse osmosis membrane ensures water will be available when you need it
  • A dual wavelength quartz ultraviolet lamp (185 & 254 nm) oxidizes organics down to virtually undetectable levels while controlling bacteria within the system
  • Whisper quiet pump provides optimal flow rate and silent operation
  • Integral low water pump protection included ensuring pump protection in the event there is not sufficient feedwater in the tank
  • A 0.2 micron hollow fiber absolute final filter at the point of use provides water free of particles and bacteria

Optional Accessory

  • Wall Bracket:
    - Recommended for use when bench space is limited
    - Sturdy swivel base provides easy access to rear cartridge door
CUL : true
Inlet Temp FC: 34° - 95°F (1° - 35°C)
Maximum Flow Rates L Min: < ml 800>
NRTL: true
Overall Dimensions D: 19 (483 mm)
Overall Dimensions H: 18 (457 mm)
Overall Dimensions W: 12 (305 mm)
Shipping Weight LK: 35 (15.8 kg)
Volts: 100-240

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