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DIamond RO
from Thermo Scientific

DIamond RO
DIamond RO
  • The ultimate reverse osmosis system
  • 12 or 24 liters per hour
  • Automatic operation
  • Compact design for ease of mounting

The DIamond RO (Reverse Osmosis) system comes in three configurations depending on your needs, providing product water flow rates of 12 or 24 liters per hour. The small-footprint unit can be wall or bench mounted and is fully automatic in operation. Each system is supplied with everything you need for operation—prefilter, MPS (Membrane Protection System) cartridge, extruded carbon filter and membrane(s). You can monitor the system’s operation with indicator lights on the control panel that display membrane performance and reservoir level.

Barnstead DIamond RO
LPH Includes Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
12 Prefilter, MPS Cartridge, Extruded Carbon Filter, 1 membrane and wall bracket D12651 3614-38 Call TUI
24 Pump, Prefilter, MPS Cartridge, Extruded Carbon Filter, 2 membranes and wall bracket D12661 3614-39 Call TUI
DIamond RO membranes
Membranes inside
a DIamond RO System
Design Advantages
  • Three systems are available providing product water flow rates of 6, 12 or 24 liters per hour
  • Short on space? The DIamond RO small footprint allows you to mount it virtually anywhere
  • 12- and 24-liter per hour system uses new pump technology to provide for silent operation while the 6-liter per hour system uses available in-house line pressure
  • One model all voltages
  • CSA and CE listed
  • Can be wall or bench mounted, no additional components are needed
  • Each system supplied with everything you need for operation—arrives complete with prefilter, MPS (Membrane Protection System) cartridge, extruded carbon filter and membrane(s) s
  • Unique Membrane Protection System cartridge eliminates the need to soften your water
  • Automatic flush cleanses the RO membranes, helping to eliminate the build-up of scale on the membrane assuring you maximum membrane life
  • A series of internal pressure gauges allow you to monitor membrane operating pressure and pressure drops across the pretreatment filters
  • Controls provide for fully automatic operation
  • Monitor system operation with indicator lights on the control panel alerting you of vital information including membrane performance and reservoir level
  • Mount your controls and indicators up to 10 feet (3048 milimeters) away from your system with the remote mounting control panel accessory


  • Control panel displays the status of the system including "Stand By" indicating that the reservoir is full
  • This unit includes a special Membrane Protection System (MPS) to enhance membrane life and performance. This unique system inhibits scale build-up on the membrane surface to give you the best performance possible
  • System alerts you if the carbon needs changing or the membrane is not functioning
Chlorine Tolerate To: 1000 ppm-hours
Feed Water: 3/8" OD Tubing (supplied)
Feed Water Iron Total as FE: < 0.5 ppm
Feed Water Langelier Index: < 1
Feed Water Max TDS: 800 ppm (CaCO3)
Feed Water Ph Operating Range: 3 - 10
Feed Water Ph Opt Range: 6.5 - 7.5
Feed Water Silt Density Index: < 5%
Feed Water Temp Range: 1° - 35°C (34° - 95°F)
Feed Water Turbidity: < 1.0 NTU
Hertz: 47 - 63
Inlet Pressure: 30 psig minimum - 100 psig maximum
Operating Pressure: 60 psi
Overall Dimensions D: 16.9 (429 mm)
Overall Dimensions H: 19.5 (495 mm)
Overall Dimensions W: 13.5 (343 mm)
Production Flow Rate: 6-12-24 l/hr
Product Water: 1/4" (6 mm) OD tubing (supplied)
Rejection Rates: Monovalent Ions: 90-95%;
Polyvalent Ions: 95-99%;
Particles: > 99%;
Microorganisms: > 99%; Organics: > 99%
Reject Water: 3/8" (10 mm) OD Tubing (supplied)
Shipping Weight LK: 45 (20.4)
Type: 6 LPH* (Line pressure)
Unit Includes: Prefilter, MPS Cartridge, Extruded Carbon Filter, 1 membrane and wall bracket
Volts: 100-240 VAC
Water Consumption: 100 l/hr

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30 liter storage tank
30 liter storage tank

30-Liter Storage Reservoirs

The DIamond RO system requires product water storage to provide you with the quantity of water you require when you need it. Our rigid fluorinated polyethylene reservoirs are specially designed for operation with our NANOpure DIamond series systems. The reservoirs are filtered to prevent airborne contamination and incorporate level controls to start and stop your DIamond RO when needed as well as preventing the NANOpure DIamond from operating if there is not sufficient water in the reservoir to satisfy its requirements. They also contain outlets for your NANOpure dishwasher and allows you to draw water directly from the tank. The tanks are also fluorinated to prevent recontamination of the water from contact with impure surfaces.
Description Thermo Part # Cat. # Price
30 liter storage reservoir D12681 3614-41 $ 780

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