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from Thermo Scientific

  • Dispense water remotely with our patented volumetric dispensing feature without monitoring your carboy.
  • Allows you to mount the NANOpure DIamond virtually anywhere in your lab while maintaining a source of high purity water and convenient dispensing at a location that you choose

With the AccuDIspense, you gain flexibility in dispensing pure water at up to an 8-foot (2438 mm) distance from the source at the NANOpure DIamond. You can accurately dispense between 250 ml and 60 L into a flask, cylinder or carboy. This unit allows for remote operation of the NANOpure DIamond.

Design Advantages

  • Effortlessly dispense water up to eight feet (2438 mm) away from the NANOpure DIamond
  • Communicates directly with the NANOpure DIamond allowing you to initiate dispensing from the bench
  • Sturdy base allows you to dispense from the AccuDIspense or remove the dispenser and dispense up to eight feet (2438 mm) away from the DIamond water system
  • Uses a 0.2 micron absolute final filter designed to remove bacteria and particles while maintaining flow and purity
  • Recirculating up to the tip of the dispenser eliminates contamination of your water
  • LED on the base indicates that the water is above or below your programmed purity level
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