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Q55 Sonicator
by QSonica

Q55 Sonicator
Stand sold separately
  • Ideal for standard cell disruption and other small volume applications
  • Compact unit to fit any laboratory work space
  • Simple and effective operation
  • Two processing options: thumb switched activated or continuous processing

The Q 55 is a compact and cost effective unit that can easily fit most bench top work spaces. Its simplified control system allows the user to choose between thumb switch or continuous operation. The 55-watt, 20 kHz unit effectively handles most small-volume applications including standard cell disruption, emulsions creations, DNA shearing and homogenization.

Note: Includes generator, converter, 1/8" (3) diameter probe, power cable and wrench set.

QSonica # Cat. # Price
Q55 5323-08 $ 1,885
Power Rating 55 watts
Frequency 20 kHz
Dimensions (mm) 8"W x 7.5" L x 5.75" H (203 x 191 x146)
Voltage 110V, 50/60 Hz

Accessories for Q55


Intensity QSonica # Cat. # Price
200 µL –5 ml 5/64"
(2 mm)
(very high)
4423 5323-09 $ 274
500 µL – 15 ml 1/8"
(3.2 mm)
4422 5323-10 $ 243
10 ml – 50 ml 1/4"
(6.4 mm)
4435 5323-11 $ 238
Large Clamp Stand

Large Clamp Stand

Securely holds the converter and probe assembly in place during operation.

Description Support Rod Diameter QSonica # Cat. # Price
Large Clamp Stand 1/2" (13mm) 460 5323-13 $ 108

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