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Q700 Sonicator
by QSonica

Stand sold separately. See accessories section
  • Ideal for nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization
  • A large color LCD screen allows touch screen control and clearly displays all operating parameters and options
  • Auto tuning digitally tracks changes in the converter/tip assembly caused by load and temperature changes and maintains electrical efficiency at all times
  • Operating parameters can be saved to memory and run with the touch of a button
  • Equipped with overload protection by a detection circuitry that shuts down sonification in the event that a fault occurs
  • Adjustable pulse on and off times help reduce the heat gain on temperature sensitive materials

The Q700 has features that enhance reproducibility and ensure sample to sample consistency. Its state of the art touch screen interface allows intuitive control and a user-friendly experience. Full amplitude control from 1-100% enables greater control over the probe's intensity and provides the user with a high degree of resolution to pinpoint the most efficient settings for processing samples. An improved internal circuit promotes more effective operation and a reliable end result. With an output up to 700 watts of power, the Q700 is durable and capable of handling larger sample applications.

Note: Includes generator, converter, 1/2" (13) diameter probe, power cable, converter cable, wrench set.

QSonica # Cat. # Price
Q700 5323-00 $ 4,860
Power Rating 700 watts
Frequency 20 kHz
Programmability 10 memories plus sequencing
Programmable Timer 72 hours
Adjustable Pulse On/Off 1 second to 24 hours
Dimensions(mm) 8"W x 15.25"L 8.5"H (203 x 387 x 216)
Voltage 11V, 50/60 Hz
  Accessories compatible with Q700 Sonicator


Probes are made from Titanium and machined to specific sizes and shapes. The sample volume to process directly corresponds with the tip diameter of the probe. Smaller tip diameters deliver high intensity sonication, but the energy is focused within a small, concentrated area. On the other end of the spectrum, larger tip diameters can process larger volumes, but offer lower intensity.

Type of Tip Processing Volume Tip Diameter Intensity QSonica # Cat. # Price
Replaceable Tip 25-500 ml 3/4"
(19.1 mm)
Medium 4207 5323-01 $ 504
Replaceable Tip 50-1,000 ml 1"
(25.4 mm)
Low 4210 5323-02 $ 504
Microtip Probes

Microtip Probes

Microtips are thin, high intensity probes which are designed for processing small sample volumes. Microtips screw into the threaded end of a standard 1/2" (mm) probe.


Processing Volume Tip Diameter Intensity Amplitude
QSonica #  
Cat. # Price
0.2 – 5 ml 1/16" (1.6 mm) Ultra High 320 um 4417 5323-03 $ 324
0.5 – 15 ml 1/8" (3.2 mm) Ultra High 240 um 4418 5323-04 $ 279
5 – 50 ml 1/4" (6.4 mm) High 170 um 4420 5323-05 $ 279
Sound Enclosure
Probe and jack stand separately

Sound Enclosure

The Sound Enclosure is designed to hold the converter and probe assembly safely and securely while reducing noise level of operation by approximately 20 dBa. The interior is water resistant for easy cleaning while the clear door acts as a viewing window during processing.

Dimensions in. (mm) QSonica # Cat. # Price
14.5"W x 12"D x 23"H (368 x 305 x 584) 432B 5323-06 $ 684


Large Clamp Stand

Large Clamp Stand

Securely holds the converter and probe assembly in place during operation.

Description Support Rod Diameter QSonica # Cat. # Price
Large Clamp Stand 1/2" (13mm) 459 5323-07 $ 108

File Type File Name Publication Date
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