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Cubis® Ultra-Micro, Semi-Micro, and
Micro Balances
by Sartorius

Modular Cubis balances allow users to choose from a comprehensive range of apps, accessories, components and options that configure and easily integrate balances into individual work processes. Cubis balances are ideal for pharmaceutical laboratories with precise processes, applications and compliance requirements.
  • DM models (Draft shield: Micro) feature automatic, motorized, round 100% glass draft shield with learning capability for ultra-microbalances and micro-balances with a readability of 0.0001 mg and 0.001 mg
  • DI models (Draft shield: Ionizing) feature automatic, motorized draft shield with learning capability for ergonomic working and individual adaptation to different applications. Includes integrated ionizer to eliminate electrostatic charges in samples and containers.
  • Allows combination of balance, display, control units, weighing modules, draft shield, interfaces and more
  • Software solutions eliminate need for laptops and PCs in laboratories
  • Models have a two-year manufacturer warranty
MSA2.7S-000-DM MSA225S-100-DI
Modular units provide personalized solutions to suit your specific processes and stringent compliance requirements.
Sartorius Part # Balance Type Read- ability
Weighing Capacity Weighing Pan
(W x D)
Min. sample weight [g]** acc. to USP (typical) Cat# Price
MSA2.7S-000-DM Ultra-micro 0.0001 2.1 g 20 10 0.00025 0.0009 1 mg*** 5701-00 $ 34,622
Micro 0.001 6.1 g 30 8 0.001 0.004 2 mg*** 5701-01 $ 28,879
Semi-Micro 0.01 220 g 85 x 85 6 0…60 g: 0.015
60…220 g: 0.025
0.1 20 mg 5701-04 $ 18,116
Micro 0.001 0.002 0.005 1.1 g
2.1 g
3.1 g
30 8 0.003 0.004
0.004 4 mg*** 5701-02 $ 22,455
**Typical minimum sample weight according to USP (United States Pharmacopeia), USP31-NF26See Accessories for Cubis Balances.
***with draft shield DM
Video of Modular Cubis Balances

Downloadable Q-Apps integrate customer-specific applications into lab balances via an SD card, they ensure observance of SOPs and they completely transfer SOPs to the balance without the use of a PC or laptop. Pharmaceutical labs with stringent cleaning requirements can eliminate PCs in the laboratory with Q-Apps. There are two types of Q-Apps: Individual Q-Apps function according to their specific application and allow workflows independently of a PC, and Standard Q-Apps provide various solutions for different weighing, formula and filling quantity control applications. Users can enjoy a 30-day free trial of a Q-App prior to permanent activation by entering the serial number of Cubis balance.

Cubis Functions for Advanced Pharma Compliance (APC); for Use in Regulated Sectors:

Cubis balances are ideal for use in pharmaceutical laboratories that need qualified weighing as a prerequisite for precise analyses and secure production processes. The APC package has a wide range of functions that perfect process monitoring and balance to guarantee the compatibility and traceability of results.

  • Tamper Protection | Compliance Support: Hierarchical password protection, Integrated alibi memory,User management, Calibration storage, Audit trail, Action hierarchies for warning and intervention functions
  • Inspection Equipment Monitoring:
    • Self-test: Leveling control, Automatic motorized leveling Q-Level,Automatic time- and temperature-dependent calibration isoCAL, Monitoring of the minimum sample weight according to USP 41 SQmin,
    • Support | Guidance: Monitoring pre-selectable calibration routines in UserCal (with Q-App), Determination of measurement uncertainty in accordance with USP 41 USP min (with Q-App), Displaying measurement uncertainty SURE
  • Data Handling | Data Integration | Process Integration Applications | Workflows: Downloadable apps (application software), Integration of individual SOPs (workflows), Direct LIMS integration, Advanced communication via web services
  • Interfaces: Serial, Network-compatible
  • Operational Support | Ease of Use | Ergonomics: Integrated electrostatic eliminator Q-Stat (DI draft shield), Variable vessel holder Q-Grip, Weighing pan for laboratory hood or laminar flow bench Q-Grid,IR sensor, foot switch, barcode reader (optional accessory), Programmable automatic draft shelf doors
Applications: Unit conversion, SQmin function for minimum sample weight according to USP, isoCAL automatic calibration | adjustment function, individual identifiers, density determination, statistics, calculations, averaging, formulation, weighing in percent, time-controlled functions, totalizing, DKD measurement uncertainty, second tare memory, counting, checkweighing, Alibi memory, audit trail

Additional Specifications and Features
Product Properties MSA2.7S-000-DM
Micro Balance
Semi-Micro Balance
Micro Balance
Typical Stabilization
Time [<s]
7 5 2 5
Corner Load [mg]* (Test Load [g]) 0.0025 (1) 0.004 (2) 0.15 (100) 0.005 (1)
Leveling Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Automatic Semi-automatic
Draft Shield Automatic Automatic Automatic, with Ionizer Automatic
Adjustment Internal, isoCAL Internal, isoCAL Internal, isoCAL Internal, isoCAL
with Q-Apps
  • Downloadable Q-Apps are individual application programs that guide user step-by-step through specific workflow
  • Adaptable to individual operating procedure, special needs or requirements upon initial purchase of unit
  • Q-Guide user interface eliminates need for user to follow lengthy working steps and once a task is defined Q-guide interactively guides the user through the settings and hides irrelevant information
  • Customer-specific modifications after mutual consultation
  • Contact a Terra product expert about further creating a customized Q-App for your task
Legal Verification None
Display High-resolution color TFT, touch screen 5.7" graphic display
Adaptation of display and control unit Tiltable display, removable display and control unit
Standard data
  • USB (integrated into weighing module)
  • RS-232C accessory interface, 25-pin (integrated into weighing module)
  • Ethernet (integrated into display and control unit)
  • Various data protocols available (can also be connected to software designed for external manufacturers)
  • USB (integrated into weighing module)
  • RS-232C accessory interface, 25-pin (integrated into weighing module)
  • Bluetooth® (optional accessory; not for balances with a capacity > 20.200 g)
SD card reader Integrated as standard into display and control unit
Operation of
draft shield
  • Activated by side keys or touchfree using IR switch (optional); learning capability
Operation Touch screen, keys for main basic functions
Optional Interfaces     RS-232 25-pin / Bluetooth / RS-232 9-pin, including PS/2 port  
Test Certificates and Approvals     Certificate for proof of compliance with specifications (including an optional detailed test report)  
*Position according to OIML R76

Sartorius Part # Description Cat. # Price
Printers and Communication
YDP10-0CE Verifiable data printer for connection to RS-232, 25-pin accessory interface 5701-75 $ 851
YDP10BT-0CE Verifiable data printer with Bluetooth data transmission (with YDO01MS-B or option IB only) 5701-76 $ 851
YDP20-0CE Data Printer 5701-45 $ 982
6906918 Color ribbon for YDP10-0CE and YDP10BT-OCE data printer 5701-77 $ 48
6906937 5701-79 Paper rolls for printer YDP10-0CE; 5 rolls 50 m each 5701-78 $ 45
YDO01MS-B Bluetooth data interface for wireless connection of data printer YDP10BT 5701-81 $ 182
YDO01MS-P RS-232C data interface, 9-pin including PS/2 for connecting a PC or keyboard 5701-79 $ 182
YDO01MS-R RS-232C data interface, 25-pin for connection of Cubis accessories 5701-82 $ 182
YCC01-MSD3 Display cable 3 m for Cubis MSA and MSU models, for separate setup of display and weighing unit (installation by Sartorius Service or in factory [order VF4016]) 5701-80 $ 201
YCC01-MSM3 Cable 3 m between weighing module and electronics module for Cubis models with 0.01 mg | 0.001 mg | 0.0001 mg readability 5701-83 $ 292
YCC05-0001M5 Cable, 16’ (4877 mm) 5701-47 $ 96
YCC01-USBM2 USB Cable 5701-49 $ 127
YCC05-0001M2 Cable, 5' (1524 m) 5701-51 $ 87
Displays and Input — Output Elements
YRD03Z Additional display, LCD, figure size 13 mm, backlit 5701-84 $ 429
YRD11Z 3-segment control display, red – green – red, for plus | minus measurements, includes T connector 5701-85 $ 675
Filter Weighing and Antistatic Accessories
YSTP01 Stat-Pen ionization probe for discharging electrostatically charged samples and filters 5701-90 $ 1,545
Weighing Tables
YWT03 Weighing table made from synthetic stone, with vibration dampening 5701-91 $ 1,801
Weighing Accessories
641214 Weighing scoop made from chrome nickel steel, 90 + 32 x 8 mm 5701-92 $ 78
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File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Correct Use & Handling of Analytical and Micro Balances
A guide for properly using and handling analytical and micro balances.
Tech Resource (PDF) Sartorius CubisĀ® Balances Spec Sheet
Datasheet informing about electrical, technical, and general specifications of Cubis balances.
Manual (PDF) Sartorius Cubis Series
User's manual for electronic Semimicro, Micro, Precision and Analytical Balances; MSA Models.
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