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Large Capacity Forced-Air Multi-Purpose Ovens by Shel Lab

Large Capacity, Forced-Air Multi-Purpose Ovens
No. 3700-86, 27.5 cubic foot (0.8 m³) capacity
  • P.I.D. temperature controls for stable heating to 220°C
  • Unique turbo blower system creates true one-pass circulation pattern for optimal uniformity and fast recovery time
  • Stainless steel chamber interior and shelves are rugged, noncontaminating
  • Electronic digital timer features large, easy-to-read LED display
  • Adjustable air intake and exhaust vents allow fresh intake air or closed recirculation
  • Safety features include independent overtemperature protection and isolated heating elements
  • Certification: TUV-CUE

These versatile multi-purpose ovens perform economical drying, curing, baking, and sterilizing of high-volume samples.

Forced-Air Multipurpose Ovens
W" x D" x H"
to 150°C
No. of
Part #
Cat. # Price
Exterior Interior
37.8 x 34 x 48
(94 x 86.4 x 119.4)
30.7 x 27.7 x 31
(779.78 x 703.58 x 787.4)
13.7 cu. ft.
(0.4 m³)
387 liters
360 lbs.
15°C above
ambient to 260°C
24 mins 3 SMO14-2 3700-85 $ 4,086
37.5 x 35 x 78.3
(952.5 x 889 x 1988.82)
30.7 x 25 x 62
(779.78 x 635 x 1574.8)
27.5 cu. ft.
(0.8 m³)
781 liters
495 lbs.
15°C above
ambient to 260°C
24 mins 6 SMO28-2 3700-86 $ 5,515

Large Capacity, Forced-Air Multi-Purpose Ovens
No. 3700-85, 13.7 cubic foot (0.4 m³)capacity

Optimal Uniformity, Fast Recovery Time

Their microprocessor controller achieves precise environmental control and maintains stable temperatures for optimal results. The unique turbo blower system creates a true one-pass circulation pattern that provides both exceptional temperature uniformity (± 1.8°C @ 100°C) and rapid heat recovery, without temperature overshoot.

Uniformity is enhanced by a horizontal airflow system, which offers a level of performance usually found only in more expensive ovens. Horizontal air flow creates optimum circulation when the oven shelves are fully loaded. Heated air is directed into the duct space and flows through horizontal slots and across the shelves. A slide-operated vent allows the user to adjust fresh air ventilation. This permits adjustment from continuous fresh air intake to closed recirculation.

Select between large-capacity, 28.0 cubic foot (0.8 m³) and medium-capacity, 14.0 cubic foot (0.4 m³) models. Both incorporate safety overtemperature protection, which operates independent from the microprocessor and controls the heating function if the main temperature set point is exceeded. Other standard features include a P.I.D. Temperature control and an electronic digital timer, with large, easy-to-read LED display that indicates both temperature and time parameters.

Specifications (see ordering chart for other data)
Temperature Uniformity: ±3°C @ 110°C
Control Sensitivity: ± 0.05°C
Electrical: 220/240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Control/displays: Microprocessor/digital LED
Electronic Timer Range: 1 minute to 99 hours/59 minutes

Note: Temperature tests performed on unloaded oven.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) Large Capacity Forced Air Ovens Brochure by Shel Lab
Provides a brief introduction to product designs, key features and benefits for Large Capacity Forced Air Ovens by Shel Lab. Specifications included.
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