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MaxQ™ 4000 Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Maxq 4000
Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers
MaxQ 4000 Shakers feature a spacious chamber that accommodates up to six 2L flasks. The clear lid design allows users to view samples without compromising chamber temperature and the built-in safety feature along with the triple eccentric drive deliver an accurate and sturdy solution to a host of molecular biology, entomology and other life science applications. Platforms and clamps are sold separately. 
  • Available in Incubated or Incubated/Refrigerated models
  • Triple eccentric drive, continuous-run modes, variable speed, LED display, unbalance load sensor, soft-start, clear lid for sample viewing, built-in safety and DC brushless motor
  • Spacious chamber holds six two-liter flasks
  • View speed, time and temperature simultaneously
  • Speed range: 15 to 500 ±1rpm
  • Orbit: 0.75" (1.9 cm)
  • Requires universal platform(without clamps) or Dedicated Platform (with pre-installed clamps)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Five-year warranty on parts, one year on labor and lifetime on drive mechanism

MaxQ 4000 Large Incubated Orbital Shakers

Thermo Fisher
Scientific Part #
MaxQ 4000 Shaker Models Temp Range Cat. # Price
SHKE4000 Benchtop Incubated Shaker, 120V 10° C above ambient to 50° 5322-05 $ 6,700
SHKE4000-1CE Benchtop Incubated Shaker, 240V 10° C above ambient to 50°
5322-05-220 $ 6,700

MaxQ 4000 Large Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers

Thermo Fisher
Scientific Part #
MaxQ 4000 Shaker Models Temp Range Cat. # Price
SHKE4000-7 Incubated and  Refrigerated Shaker, 120V -15° C above ambient to 60° 5322-07 $ 8,115
SHKE4000-8CE Incubated and Refrigerated Shaker, 240V -15° C above ambient to 60° 5322-07-220 $ 8,115

Specifications for MaxQ 4000 Shakers

Orbit Diameter 0.75" (19 mm)
Maximum Load 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
Dimensions Incubated Models: 22.5 x32 x  22 in. (572 x 813 x 559 mm)
Refrigerated and Incubated Models: 22.5 x34 x  22 in. (572 x 864 x 559 mm)
Operating Temperature Incubated Models: 10° C above ambient to 50°; ±0.1° C at 37° C in flask
Refrigerated and Incubated Models: -15° C above ambient to 60°; ±0.1° C at 37° C in flask
Shipping Weight Incubated Models: 167 lbs. (75.8 kg)
Refrigerated and Incubated Models: 212lbs. (106.2kg)

Visit the Accessory Page to Order Platforms and Clamps
  • Cell cultures
  • Solubility studies
  • Staining & de-staining
  • Washing procedures
  • Extraction procedures
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hybridizations
  • Plasmid purification
  • General mixing
  • Bacterial suspensions
  • Protein expression

Features and Benefits of MaxQ 4000 Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers


  • Triple eccentric drive handles heavy workloads, provide uniform agitation and enable continuous 24-hour operation even at high speeds
  • PID temperature controller monitors and controls chamber temperature with a ±0.1°C accuracy at 37°C

Digital Operating Systems

  • Solid-state DC brushless motor, variable speed control from 15 to 500 rpm, and continuous and timed operation from 0.1 hour up to 999 hours or 0.1 minute to 999 minutes.
  • Displayed time counts up during continuous operation and down during timed runs
  • View speed, operating time and temperature simultaneously on three individual LED displays which helps minimize errors in establishing running conditions
  • Visual/audible signals alert you to temperature and speed deviations and unbalanced load
  • Heat turns off if temperature deviates ±1°C of set point
  • Shaker shuts down if unit operates ±10% of set speed preventing shaker from walking
  • User adjustable speed calibration can be performed using a digital hand held tachometer where verification is required and protocols can be standardized
  • Unbalanced load sensor stops platform motion when excess vibration is detected due to an unbalanced load. 
  • Soft start feature eliminates splashing of vessel contents, wetting of flask closure, and helps prevent sudden starts and stops
  • Set point retention retains parameters during power failure and restarts unit automatically after power is restored
  • RS232 interface allows remote monitoring of speed, time and temperature
  • Monitor temperature with built-in recorder jack for output to chart recorders for a permanent record
  • Over temperature safety feature with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling heat if main temperature controller fails
  • Safety interlock stops platform motion when the lid is open

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