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Incu-Shaker™ Shaking Incubators
(10L, 10LR, and Mini)

Incu-Shaker, BR13-00
  • Ideal for a variety of incubation applications including use with culture flasks, Petri dishes and staining trays
  • Heat distribution technology ensures consistent and accurate uniformity
  • Powerful brushless induction drive means long lasting trouble-free operation
  • Incu-Shaker™ Mini accepts two 1-Liter Erlenmeyer flasks; extremely compact at 11 in. wide
  • Incu-Shaker™ 10L and 10LR models have a capacity of 5 x 2 L; 10LR model has a powerful compressor to achieve exceptional temperature accuracy from 15°C below ambient RT
  • MAGic Clamp™ platforms and accessories make changing between flask clamps of different sizes easy
  • CE-marked models available
  • 2-year warranty
Incu-Shaker™ Shaking Incubators by Benchtop Scientific
Model Benchmark Scientific
Item #
115 V
Benchmark Scientific
Item #
230 V*
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Incu-Shaker 10L H1010 BR13-00 $ 4,818 H1010-E BR13-00-220 $ 4,818
Incu-Shaker 10LR (Refrigerated) H1012 BR13-29 $ 6,795 H1012-E BR13-29-220 $ 6,795
Incu-Shaker Mini H1000-M BR13-02 $ 2,375 H1000-M-E BR13-02-220 $ 2,375
*CE-marked, with EU 2-prong plug. Additional plug types (UK, Australia, etc.) are also available at a $10 additional charge per unit.


Incu-shaker Mini, BR13-02

The Incu-Shaker™ series is designed for continuous operation and is capable of handling heavy workloads with a powerful, brushless induction drive. Heat distribution technology ensures that temperatures are precisely maintained throughout the chamber with accuracy and uniformity. Inconsistencies due to stratification are reduced and the selected temperature is continuously preserved throughout the chamber within 0.25%. Noise and vibration are minimized by an advanced, computer designed motor isolation system.

Temperature, shaking speed, and run time are displayed on the large LED control panel located at the front of the unit. The integral microprocessor includes a constant monitoring system that verifies and maintains accuracy through the duration of the program. Sophisticated overtemperature and over-speed controls ensure long life, safety and sample integrity.

Model Incu-Shaker™ 10L Shaking Incubator IncuShaker™ 10LR Refrigerated
Shaking Incubator
Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubator
Temperature Range ambient +5°C to 60°C ambient -15°C to 60°C ambient +5°C to 70°C
Temperature Increments 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.25°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Shaking Speed Range 30 to 300 rpm
Speed Increments 1 rpm
Shaking Orbit 3/4" (19)
Platform Dimensions
W x D
17.8 x 17.8 in.
(452 x 452 mm)
9.5 x 11.5 in.
(241 x 292 mm)
Product Dimensions
W x D x H
20 x 26 x 19 in.
(508 x 660 x 483 mm)
20 x 31 x 22 in.
(508 x 787 x 559 mm)
11 x 15.7 x 10.5 in.
(279 x 399 x 267 mm)
Timer 1 min. to 48 hours or continuous
Weight 120 lbs. (55 kg) 170 lbs. (78 kg) 25 lbs. (11.5 kg)
Electrical 120 or 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 450 W 120 or 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 200 W
Warranty 2 years
Incu-Shaker MAGic Clamp™ Accessories
Benchmark Scientific # Description Compatible with model Cat # Price
H1000-MR-50 Flask Clamp, 50ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-02 $ 21
H1000-MR-125 Flask Clamp, 125ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-03 $ 23
H1000-MR-250 Flask Clamp, 250ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-04 $ 25
H1000-MR-500 Flask Clamp, 500ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-05 $ 26
H1000-MR-1000 Flask Clamp, 1000ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-06 $ 40
H1000-MR-2000 Flask Clamp, 2000ml Mini, 10L, 10LR BR13-07 $ 53
H1000-P-MP Microplate Clamp Mini BR13-03 $ 407
H1000-MR-1550 Tube Rack 12 x 50 & 21 x 15 Mini, 10L, 10LR BR09-07 $ 109
H1000-MR-T14 Tube Rack 72 x 14 mm culture tubes (max. 2) Mini, 10L, 10LR BR13-32 $ 109
H1000-MR-T15 Tube Rack 32 x 15ml (max 2) Mini, 10L, 10LR BR13-05 $ 109
H1000-MR-T50 Tube Rack 15 x 50ml (max. 2) Mini, 10L, 10LR BR13-04 $ 109
H1000-MR-T600 Tube/Bottle Rack 4 x 500/600ml conical bottle Mini, 10L, 10LR BR13-06 $ 126
H1000-MR-TSR Tilted holder for 15mL and 50mL tube Racks Mini BR13-31 $ 76
Accessories (Universal MAGic Clamp™)
Item Benchmark Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
MAGic Clamp™ Mini H1000-MR BR09-01 $ 177
MAGic Clamp™ 10L and 10LR H1010-MR BR13-01 $ 250

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