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Labconco FreeZone® Freeze Dry Systems

Cryogenic Vessels

FreeZone®Freeze Dry Systems are designed to handle the lyophilization needs for a variety of applications. Models are available in either benchtop or mobile console design to fit almost any laboratory. Freeze Dryers with the Cascade Refrigeration systems reach -84 C and are ideal for freeze drying samples with low eutectic temperatures including ones containing acetonitrile.

Below is a listing of freeze dry systems, companion products and accessories products available from Terra Universal. Click on any product to find out more about it.

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1-Liter FreeZone


FreeZone® 1 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dry Systems

The FreeZone® 1 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dry System offers an economical solution for processing light loads of aqueous samples.

2.5 Liter FreeZone


Labconco FreeZone® Plus™ 2.5 Liter Cascade Console and Benchtop Freeze Dry Systems

The FreeZone® Plus™ 2.5 Liter Cascade Console Freeze Dry System features the dual cascade refrigeration system which can reach -84° C for processing samples with low eutectic points such as ones containing Acetonitrile.

The FreeZone® 2.5 Liter Cascade Benchtop Freeze Dry System is an economical solution offering a small footprint that fits easily on a small cart or crowded benchtop.

FreeZone Accessories


Labconco FreeZone®Accessories

Pumps, drying chambers and manifolds, glassware and adapters.
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