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Flammable Material Refrigerators/Freezers

Explosion-Proof Refrigerators/Freezers
Undercounter Flammable Material Refrigerator, Freezer, and Combination Refrigerator/Freezer
These space-saving units are undercounter models ideal for storing small amounts of flammable material. ABS plastic interior. Manual defrost.
  • Provide total protection against explosion while storing flammable materials at below ambient temperatures
  • Flammable material interior prevents explosions caused by vapors leaking from improperly sealed containers
  • Flammable material exterior prevents explosions caused by interior fumes or by vapors in hazardous external environment
  • Meet UL, NFPA, and OSHA standards—suitable for Class 1, Group C and D hazardous environments
  • Choose from a complete line of Refrigerators, Freezers, and Refrigerator/Freezers, with capacities from 5.6 to 20 cu. ft. (0.16 m³ to 0.6 m³), temperatures from -20° to 8°C (-4° to 46°F)
Specifications and Ordering Information: Laboratory Refrigerators/Freezers
Model Net
Chamber Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
cu. ft.
Exterior Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
Specs continue
in chart below
Two-Door Lab
19.5 x 13.5 x 39
(495 x 343 x 991)
18 x 17 x 12
(457 x 432 x 305)
(0.3 )
23.5 x 30 x 60.75
(597 x 762 x 1543)
N/A 18 x 15 x 28
(457 x 381 x 711)
21.25 x 31 x 35.5
(540 x 787 x 902)
Upright refrigerator 235
27 x 16.5 x 55
(686 x 419 x 1397)
N/A 21
32 x 30.5 x 74.5
(813 x 775 x 1892)
Upright Freezer 225
N/A 27 x 23 x 57
(686 x 584 x 1448)
32 x 30.5 . 76
(813 x 775 x 1930)
Specifications and Ordering Information: Flammable Material Refrigerators/Freezers: Continued
Model Temp. Range Electrical
Part #
Cat. # Price
Refrig. Section
°C (° F)
Freezer Section
°C (° F)
Watts Volts/Hz
Two-Door Lab
-1° to 8°
(30° to 46°)
-20° to -12°
(-4° to 10°)
360 120/60 3551    
240/50 3551-1    
N/A -26° to -15°
(-15° to 5°)
200 120/60 3557-2    
Upright refrigerator 1° to 12°
(34° to 54°)
N/A 480 120/60 3560-10A    
Upright Freezer N/A -20° to -12°
(-4° to 10°)
516 120/60 3552A    
240/50 3552-1A    

Safeguard your laboratory with our 100% flammable material refrigerators/ freezers, designed to prevent explosions both inside and outside—even in a hazardous material location.

Our Thermo Scientific Flammable Material Refrigerators/Freezers meet OSHA, UL, and National Fire Protection Association safety standards. Every motor and thermostat is designed to prevent the arcing that could ignite a flammable vapor-air mixture. Each unit has wiring, splices, a thermostat, relay and compressor motor safely housed in an enclosure suitable for use in Class 1, Group C and D hazardous environments. And the surface temperature of the compressor will remain below the flashpoint of any flammable material likely to be found in such environments.

All models feature heavy-gauge, rigid, braced-steel construction with a durable enamel finish. Interiors have porcelain enamel, epoxy enamel, or ABS plastic construction. Each unit is insulated throughout for energy efficiency.

Choose from our complete line of refrigerators, freezers, and combination refrigerator/freezers suitable for storing or using chemicals such as cyclopropane, ethyl ether, ethylene, acetone, alcohol, benzene, butane, gasoline, hexane, lacquer solvent vapors, naphtha, natural gas or propane and many other potentially hazardous materials. Select from various models, including single-door and two-door upright refrigerators and freezers, and undercounter refrigerators.

UL LOGOAll units carry a 12-month warranty on parts and 90-day warranty on labor. All Flammable Material models must be hardwired directly to your power source by rigid metal conduit or mineral-insulated cable with fittings which meet Class 1, Group C and D requirements.

Two-Door Explosion-Proof Refrigerator/Freezer   Explosion-Proof Refrigerators/Freezers

Two-Door Flammable Materials Refrigerator/Freezer

This combination refrigerator/freezer has two separate doors—one for the freezer section, one for the refrigerator section. It includes 3 refrigerator shelves and 4 door shelves plus one freezer shelf for maximum storage space. It also features a hydraulic thermostat, adjustable natural air flow vent and manual defrost.

Flammable Material Upright Freezer

This unit provides 20 cubic feet (0.6 m³) of storage space. It has 8.8 square feet (0.8 m2) of shelf space provided by six door shelves and four permanently positioned wire shelves; the wire shelves have shelf heights of 11.5, 11, 9.375, 14, and 9.875 inches (292 mm, 279 mm, 238 mm, 356 mm, and 251 mm) top to bottom. The freezer's temperature range is -23° to -5°C (-9° to 23°F). Enameled steel interior with white enameled exterior, locking door. Manual defrost.
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