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Explosion-Proof SAFE-T HP6 Hot Plate
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Explosion-Proof Hot Plate
  • UL-listed explosion-proof for Class I locations, Group D atmospheres (contact Terra for a complete list of these locations/atmospheres)
  • Provides 36.5 square inches (0.02 m2)of heating surface
  • Offers a temperature range from 38°C to 220°C
  • Thermostatic safety, set at 243°C, provides added protection if primary control fails

These corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean units are specifically designed to ensure safe heating in potentially explosive situations! Their cast-aluminum top plate provides effective heat transfer, and all controls are contained in an aluminum housing, protected from the explosive atmosphere.


The demand-type thermostat holds top plate to within ± 5.5°C of the desired temperature. Select the optional dial thermometer (below) for temperature monitoring. Comes complete with .5" (13 mm) conduit and 18" (457 mm) of lead wire for electrical hook-up as per UL requirements.

(50/60 Hz)
Top Plate Temperature
Thermo Scientific
Part #
Cat. # Price
Volts Amps Watts °C °F
120 5.0 600 38 to 220 100 to 428 HP11515B 4000-92 $ 1,097
Heating Surface
Dimensions (W x D)
Overall Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inches mm Inches mm lbs. g
6.13 x 6.13 156 x 156 7 x 7.63 x 3.25 178 x 194 x 83 9.5 4309
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