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Digital Dry Baths
by Benchmark Scientific

Digital Dry Baths from Benchmark Scientific feature digital accuracy and convenience to eliminate the need for external thermometers and timers.
Digital Dry Baths from Benchmark Scientific feature digital accuracy and convenience. They are available in three capacities: four-block (top), one-block (bottom left), and two-block (bottom right).
Optional Blocks
Optional Blocks
  • Digital accuracy and convenience
  • Single-, double- and four-block capacity
  • Assorted blocks for a wide variety of tube sizes
  • 2-year warranty

These Digital Dry Baths offer digital control over both temperature and time, eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer. All three configurations are space-efficient: the four-block dry bath can accommodate up to 96 x 1.5ml tubes in less than a square foot of bench space. All baths include a built-in user recalibration function to ensure long-term temperature accuracy.

The high-grade aluminum heat blocks are precision-machined to mach the conical size and shape of 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 15 and 50ml centrifuge tube sizes, providing unsurpassed temperature uniformity.

Each dry bath includes an easy-to-use block lifter, with a temperature-insulated handle for quick, convenient exchange of blocks, even while they’re still hot.

  115VAC, 60 Hz 230VAC, 50 Hz
Scientific Part #
Cat. # Price Benchmark
Scientific Part #
Cat. # Price
Digital Dry Bath, Single Position BSH1001 BR03-00 $ 339 BSH1001-230 BR03-00-220 $ 339
Digital Dry Bath, Two Positions BSH1002 BR03-01 $ 424 BSH1002-230 BR03-01-220 $ 424
Digital Dry Bath, Four Positions BSH1004 BR03-02 $ 713 BSH1004-230 BR03-02-220 $ 713
Optional Heat Blocks Benchmark Scientific Part # Cat. # Price
Solid Block (for slides / machining) BSW01 BR03-04 $ 84
24 x 1.5ml centrifuge tubes (shaped) BSW1500 BR03-05 $ 84
24 x 1.5ml or 2.0ml centrifuge tubes BSW1520 BR03-06 $ 84
24 x 0.5ml centrifuge tubes BSW05 BR03-07 $ 84
12 x 15ml centrifuge tubes BSW15 BR03-08 $ 84
20 x 10mm test tubes or 20 x 2.0ml centrifuge tubes BSW10 BR03-09 $ 84
20 x 13mm test tubes BSW13 BR03-10 $ 84
5 x 50ml centrifuge tubes BSW50 BR03-11 $ 84
12 x 15mm or 16mm test tubes BSW1516 BR03-12 $ 84
Technical Data
Temperature Range: Ambient +5 to 150°C (to 130°D for 4-block model)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2°C
Temperature Increments: 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2°C
Timer: 1 to 999 minutes
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Single Position 7.8" x 9" x 3.2" / 198 mm x 229 mm x 81 mm
Two Position 8.7" x 10.3" x 3.2" / 221 mm x 262 mm x 81 mm
Four Position 8.7" x 14" x 3.2" / 22 mm x 35.5 mm x 81 mm
Block Dimensions: 3"W x 3.75"D x 2"H (76 mm x 95 mm x 51 mm)
Chamber: Stainless steel
Operating Temp. Range: +4°C to +65°C
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