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AgileWasher™ ELISA Plate Washer
by ACTGene

Designed with automated and manual positioning, the AgileWasher provides accuracy and flexibility to satisfy standard and specific microplate washing protocols. Automated positioning improves intra and inter-plate reproducibility and minimizes inaccurate data while manual positioning allows the user more operational control. 
AgileWasher ELISA Plate Washer by ActGene
99 user-defined wash protocols for
fast and reliable microplate processing
  • Washes 96 or 48-well microplates and strip tubes (standard flat, U and V bottom)
  • 12 or 8-way manifold manual or automated positioning
  • Stores 99 user defined wash protocols
  • 99 wash cycles
  • Features plate shaking function and bottom washing
  • For washing, rinsing and dispensing
    of liquids into microplates
  • Automated liquid level monitoring prevents spillage and alerts users when buffers are low or empty
  • Compatible with AgileReader ELISA Plate Reader
  • Applications: ELISAs / EIAs, enzymatic activity, bacterial growth studies, and fast kinetic assays

Ordering Information

AgileWasher™ ELISA Plate Washer
ACTGene Part # Description Cat. # Price
ACT-AMPW900 AgileWasher™ ELISA Plate Washer 8000-55 $ 4,258

Specifications for AgileWasher #ACT-AMPW900

Plate Type 96 or 48 well plates or strips (standard flat, U and V-bottom)
Manifold Format 8 or 12 channel manifold
Bottle Capacity 3x2L waste bottle
1x2L rinse bottle
1x2L waste bottle
Wash Volume 10-3,000μL/well, 1μL by step
Wash Cycle Up to 99 cycles
Wash Channel 5 Channels
Residual Volume < 1μL per Well
Soak Time 0 ~ 24 hours
Shaking Time 0 ~ 24 hours
Incubator 2 plates, 25°C, 30°C, and 37°C
Display 5" LCD
Memory 99 wash protocols
Interface RS232
Power 110 ~ 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 17.7"W x 15.4"D x 7.5"H (450 x 390 x 190 mm)
Weight 28.7 lbs. (13 Kg)

AgileWasher 12-manifold Positioning

AgileWasher 12-manifold positioning
12-manifold positioning shown with 96-well microplate

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