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Perkin Elmer LAMBDA™ XLS+ Spectrophotometer
from Terra Universal

The LAMBDA XLS+ has been specially designed for the academic and industrial laboratories that require a small-footprint, dedicated instrument for a wide-range of applications. The LAMBDA XLS+ is extremely reliable and sensitive instruments that provide a level of performance which is only normally found in more expensive systems. Backed-up by PerkinElmer’s 50+ years of expertise in UV/Vis spectroscopy, the LAMBDA XLS+ will always generate results that you can trust.

Full Suite of Measurement Modes
The LAMBDA XLS+ includes a large, easy to read screen display and a comprehensive suite of built-in applications software. Measurement modes include single and multi-wavelength modes, scanning, kinetics and concentration, with the ability to store up to 90 methods for easy access. Concentrations may be measured using a single-point calibration, a factor, multi-standard curves, or alternatively, in multi-wavelength mode, calculating ratios using absorbance values in equations. The LAMBDA XLS+ contains on-board storage of up to 90 methods, allowing several users to rapidly access frequently-used protocols.

For applications flexibility, samples may be measured using 10, 20 or 40 mm pathlength cells, including glass, quartz or disposable plastic versions. For small sample volumes, the exceptional sensitivity of the LAMBDA XLS+ gives excellent results with micro and semi-micro cells.

Description Perkin Elmer Part # Cat. # Price
LAMBDA XLS+ with printer L7110193 5102-00 $ 5,712
LAMBDA XLS+with SD Card L7110194 5102-01 $ 5,617

Options and Consumables Perkin Elmer Part # Cat. # $/PKG
Spare printer paper (20 rolls) L7110232 5102-04 $ 174
Quarts Cuvettes 10mm path length (2 per package) B0631009 5102-05 $ 221
Specifications LAMBDA XLS+
Wavelength Range: 190-1100 nm
Absorbance Range: -0.3 to 2.5A
Bandwidth: 3 nm
Stray Light: 0.5% T at 220 and 340 nm ±2nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ± 2nm
Photometric Reproducibility: ±0.002A at 0-0.5A, 546 nm
Store Methods: 90
Outputs: Printer or SD Card
Dimensions (WxDxH): 260 mm x 390 mm x100 mm
Weight: <4.5 kg
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